10 Mistakes You Might Be Making With Your Facebook Ads

February 23, 2023

You want your dealership to reach new customers, right? 

We thought so; every car dealer wants to win new business as well as keep their returning customers happy. Whilst in the old days we may have suggested print ads, radio jingles or billboards, the future is here, and it’s paid social media advertising. If you’ve not discovered the magic of advertising on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin, where have you been?! 

Landing straight on the feeds of people who are likely to love what you do and the cars that you sell is very exciting, but it’s not a completely foolproof way of promoting your business, and you need to do a little bit of homework before you dive in. 

It’s important to note that advertising on Facebook goes beyond ‘boosting’ organic posts, which will generally see you spend a certain amount, like £20, for a post to reach more people. What we’re talking about here is targeted paid adverts through the Meta business suite, which requires a more strategic and focused approach.

As a form of paid advertising, mistakes in setting up your ads, monitoring them, and developing an ongoing strategy will cost you money and impact your conversions. As paid social experts here at 67 Degrees, we navigate the world of Meta (that’s Facebook and Instagram) for the benefit of our dealers; here are the 10 common mistakes you might be making with your Facebook ads… 

Muddy objectives 

Not really sure what you want out of your Facebook campaigns? Your customers won’t be able to tell what you want them to do either. The first thing you need to do is work out what you want from each campaign. Is it more sales? More finance uptake? More stock? Is it simply brand awareness? Separate out what you want, so that you can create each ad with the objective in mind. 

At 67 Degrees, we mainly focus on campaigns for the following ad types: 

Traffic – to push users to your website 

Brand Awareness – to get your brand in front of as many new eyes as possible 

Catalogue Sales – to display your stock so users can click straight through to each vehicle 

Conversions – to push users to your website that are likely to take action once they’re there

Here you can see how many options you have when you go to set up an ad: 

Bad graphics 

It maybe goes without saying that the visual element of any ad you create really matters – you want a scroll-stopper! Graphics not only need to be eye-catching, but on-brand too, using colours that will make you recognisable without clashing. There’s no room for bland here. 

Too much text on the graphic is a big turn-off to users (not to mention a no-no from Facebook), and each one should be reflective of the clear objectives we just talked about; confusing your user is to be avoided at all costs. 

Targeting the wrong audience 

You’re in your business every day; you know the type of person who falls in love with your cars. The audiences you create for your Facebook ads should be reflective of these people, right down to their age, the area they live in, and the kinds of things they’re interested in. You’re not going to be everyone’s cup of tea, but you can at least get in front of the people who are gasping for a brew. 

Not considering video

Video content has exploded in recent years – need we mention TikTok? Our attentions tend to be drawn by a moving image, so we’re a big advocate of video content where possible; we wrote this article about getting started on video for your dealership. 

Bear in mind that video content doesn’t have to be a Blockbuster-quality production; simply adding animation into your graphics with tools like Canva can be a great place to start. 

Failing to test and switch things up 

Setting a solitary ad live and then leaving it is better than not advertising on Facebook at all, but we’d strongly recommend staying curious. How will you know if your audience responds better to something different? Facebook allows you to A/B test different graphics and different copy (that’s the text above the graphic), so you can see what performs best. 

The other danger of leaving your ads to stagnate is ad fatigue; it’s when your audience has been served the same ‘creative’ (that’s the copy and graphic working together) too many times. Switching things up is a chance to attract the attention of your audience all over again.

Not tracking results 

Data is your friend, and keeping an eye on the stats generated by each ad will indicate what users respond best to, so you can pursue that approach going forward. 

Without tracking the results of your campaigns, you’re working blind, so it’s worth regularly checking into Facebook’s reporting tool, and using UTM tracking to view results within Google Analytics. 

Making too many changes 

Stay with us; it’s not the contradiction that it may appear to be. We’re all for changing your ads to prevent ad fatigue and better optimise them for your audience, but making too many changes without waiting it out to see if previous changes are having a positive effect, or seeing if the trend you’re seeing is seasonal, may prevent you from hitting your Facebook ad stride. 

Running too many ads at once

We’re keen to stress that, when it comes to Facebook advertising, it’s quality over quantity. While we’re all about the aforementioned testing, that doesn’t mean that you need to run 15 ads at once!

For many 67 Degrees dealers for whom we manage Facebook advertising, between 1-4 campaigns are usually sufficient, depending on the size of your business and the services you offer, to generate fantastic returns and keep new customers engaged with the dealership. 

Bad copy 

The words are as important as the pictures; trust us. On a basic level, your text needs to be concise, error-free, and clear in its objective and the next step your customer needs to take. If you want to level up, deploy your brand voice, which naturally talks directly to your ideal customer and lets them know that this ad is for them. 

Not entrusting your Facebook ads to 67 Degrees 

If you’re a 67 Degrees dealer and you’ve not considered assigning a portion of your marketing budget to Facebook advertising and letting our experts do the hard work for you, you’re missing a trick. We have a track record of delivering the right users straight onto 67 Degrees websites, and as you know, they’re websites that convert once they’re there. 

Whether you go all out on a multi-campaign strategy, or you just fancy drumming up sales with a single stock feed directly into Facebook (yes, that’s possible) then drop us a line. You can even target people who have already been on your website! 

It’s a service we’re excited to provide to our dealers, and we’d love to talk to you about it. If you’re not yet decided, maybe seeing what we’re capable of might persuade you – here is just a small selection of graphics for ads that we’ve run…

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