10 Of Our Favourite Websites from 2022

December 23, 2022

We mean it when we say that we genuinely love every website that we launch here at 67 Degrees – if we don’t, we won’t launch it until we do! So while it’s a hard task to whittle our favourites from this year down to just 10, we’re inspired to do so by the enthusiasm for our 2022 sites that some of the team showed on our socials recently. We gave them the difficult task of picking their favourite 67 Degrees site from 2022…

Keen to hear the list in full? Below you’ll find just some of our favourite websites from the past twelve months… 


Why not kick off with an award winner; the Wilsons website was crowned Used Car Website Of The Year at the 2022 Used Car Awards! For us, it’s been a firm favourite since it went live, as it’s a franchise website that works hard to provide every customer with what they need through clear navigation to every part of the site. 

There’s a whole section of the site dedicated to industry news and advice that is regularly updated by our PR Manager Cheryl, so it’s no surprise that this was her favourite website of 2022 – the excellent results that the articles get on Google are a testament to her hard work. 

Windmill Motors 

With a 20% increase in users year-on-year, it’s fairly clear that a brand new website has made the world of difference to Windmill Motors’ online presence. On the home page you’re met with video, and attractive block styling as you scroll, and if you venture to the vehicle details pages, you’ll find clear steps forward if you want to purchase the car that you want. 

Our Client Services Manager Charlene frequently works together with Windmill Motors owner Adeel to keep his site performing at its best, and she named it her favourite 67 Degrees site of 2022. 

Matt Johnson Prestige

With a clean, modern design, we created a new website for Matt Johnson Prestige earlier in the year that helped this Cumbria-based business stand out amongst the competition. A video wows you as soon as you land on the home page, and the vehicle details pages show off each and every beautiful vehicle in all its glory. 

For a business keen to translate its brand, we’re proud of what we delivered for Matt and the team (his kind words about the whole process can be seen in the video below). This site was the particular favourite of our Content Executive, Jess! 


Bringing a fresh approach to car sales this year was Carlingo, a Harrogate-based dealership with an undeniably stylish showroom. To complement this, owner Jonny was after a bright, user-friendly website on which customers could fall in love with their next car, and that’s exactly what we created. 

With a pop of colour and some seriously clean navigation, the Carlingo site reflects the vision of the Carlingo team, standing out from the crowd to convey a genuine enthusiasm for their cars and their customers. Our Project Manager Stu has worked hard on Carlingo this year, and he named it his favourite 67 Degrees website launched in the last twelve months too. 

GKirby Collection 

A bespoke site with a bold design, the new GKirby site has changed the game for this successful Sussex dealership. With an emphasis on prestige and performance vehicles, the online showroom needed to be top-notch too, which is why we spent time in 2022 making sure that this was spot on. 

We recently went to see GKirby to get their feedback on the finished site, and on their 67 Degrees experience; check out what Grant had to say below. 

Our Sales Manager Luke and Lead Front End Developer Justin were both big fans of the GKirby site, naming it their favourite website of 2022. 

Bournemouth High Performance

We’d forgive you for thinking that the site we created for Bournemouth High Performance had a bespoke home page – but it’s actually a template! This site just shows you what strong branding and a customisable website template can achieve, showing off the sports and performance vehicles that the team in Bournemouth sell to a very high standard. 

Sell My Motor Car 

Our websites are our babies, so when we see that they’re converting beyond what we’d ever expected, we can’t help but feel like proud parents! This was the case with Sell My Motor Car, a car-selling site that we were lucky enough to design and launch in 2022. 

As a brand new site, we reserved judgement on its performance, but we were pleasantly surprised by 1025 goal completions (that’s actions taken on the site, such as an enquiry form) in its first 6 months of being live, helped out by a successful paid social campaign.

Sell My Motor Car was designed and built by our incredible Front End Developer Sean, who named it his favourite website of 2022. 

DD Classics 

With a selection of iconic marques available, DD Classics recognised that supplying and caring for cars of the past doesn’t have to mean a dated site; in fact, a modern upgrade was exactly what this business needed, and we were so excited when they enlisted our help to do it! 

This custom site stays sympathetic to the vehicles that they sell, with a homepage that sets a sophisticated tone for the rest of the online experience. Since going live, the team have remarked on how happy they are with the finished site, mentioning that it’s now ‘clearer, quicker, and more efficient’. What more could you want from your online shop window?

Jim Reid Vehicle Sales 

Our partnership with much-loved car dealer Jim Reid has been a highlight of 2022, and we’re confident that we’ve achieved a bespoke site that provides the same warm welcome as the dealership itself. It’s been a pleasure to build a site that allows the customer journey to really flow, with a fresh and modern design. It’s the favourite 2022 website of our Creative Marketing Manager, Billy! 

We headed up to Aberdeenshire to talk to Jim about his 67 Degrees experience; here’s what he had to say… 


Geoff and Paula at Fratelli were looking for a website that ‘flowed’ – now that’s the sort of language we love here at 67 Degrees! The result of their 2022 website redesign is a new home page that takes you over stunning image blocks, past a sneak peek at the remarkable cars in stock, all the way down to those glowing customer reviews. How’s that for a seamless flow?

Fratelli sells some very impressive cars, and now they’ve got a very impressive website so show them off! 

Are you ready for 2023? 

If you’d like to see your dealership’s name on this list next year, it’s absolutely possible; we can make it happen! All you need to do is share the vision for your business, and we can do the rest. Invest in levelling up in 2023 with a 67 Degrees website – get in touch.

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