2022 UK Automotive and Mobility Rankings Revealed

April 11, 2022

We take a look at who topped the table this year

Okay, we admit it. We’re a sucker when it comes to polls and surveys, which is why we were just a little bit too excited when YouGov released its latest automotive-related survey.

The leading UK market research and data analytics provider has released its UK Automotive and Mobility Rankings for 2022. So what are the findings? Unsurprisingly, it’s German brands that really do it for us Brits, apparently. 

So, without further ado we present to you the latest findings from YouGov… 

What are the UK Automotive and Mobility Rankings? 

Bringing together the best automotive and mobility brands in the UK, consumers were asked a series of questions relating to their views on a variety of brands. These included the general public’s general impression of any given automotive brand; this includes their perception of quality, value, customer satisfaction, corporate reputation, and if they’d recommend that brand to a friend. 

The data gathered then allowed YouGov to build a more detailed understanding of how these brands are perceived by consumers (adults aged over 18), and results drawn up by comparing index scores. But this isn’t just a flash in the pan, stop and ask someone on the street style questioning – all brands featured in the survey have been tracked for at least six months to appear in the initial rankings.

From that, the automotive and mobility brands then had to be tracked for a further 18 months to stand a chance of appearing in the ‘improvers’ tables. All brands featured in the 2022 rankings were subject to scrutiny for a whole year from 1st February 2021, to 31st January 2022. 

UK Automotive and Mobility Rankings 2022 results

Are you surprised by any of the automotive brands featured in this year’s top 10? Remember that these results are purely based on a YouGov index score average:

Rank Brand NameIndex score

From the results above, it’s Volkswagen which tops this year’s UK Automotive and Mobility Rankings 2022 table with an index score of 21.7. The German manufacturer was closely followed by Ford and Mercedes-Benz in 2nd and 3rd place, both with a score of 21.5 points. 

All three manufacturers have an extremely positive brand perception by consumers. At the bottom of the table in 9th place is Honda with a score of 15.4, followed by Porsche with 14.5 points. 

YouGov has also revealed its Global Automotive and Mobility Rankings 2022, with a surprising winner compared to the UK-only version… Tip of the hat to Toyota which jumps from 5th to 1st place in the 2022 Global Automotive and Mobility Rankings as seen on the official YouGov website. 

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