5 Reasons Why Dealers Love Working With 67 Degrees

February 14, 2022

Have you fallen out of love with your website provider? Then let us help! Experience award-winning websites created by an award-winning automotive agency, for a match made in heaven.

We’re a team of experienced, dedicated and like-minded professionals, brought together to develop innovative websites, e-commerce solutions, and creative marketing services exclusively within the automotive industry.

Think of us as the Robin to your Batman, the Chewbacca to your Han Solo, the Rodney to your Del Boy… Basically, we’re the best side-kick you’ll ever have!

Here are just five reasons why we know you’ll love working with us here at 67 Degrees

We Implement Innovative Technology

We all love a bit of tech, but where do you start when it comes to finding the right products for you and your dealership? Well look no further than the team here at 67 Degrees! Working exclusively within the automotive industry, we are experts in offering the best online marketing solutions possible. In fact, we’ve developed our very own e-commerce product to provide a full end-to-end buy online solution for your customers. Their buying habits have changed, now it’s time to change yours too!

Outstanding Customer Service

Like you, we want success and won’t settle for anything less. Not only do we aim to achieve outstanding results for you and your dealership, but we match that with outstanding customer service too – it’s the 67 Degrees way. When it comes to putting our customers first, we’re pretty confident that we’ve smashed it! But don’t just take our word for it; check out over 50 five-star reviews we’ve had on Google from our customers – you’ll be wondering why it’s taken you so long to get in touch! 

Visits to Your Dealership

As a 67 Degrees customer, you’ll never just be a number to us – fact! We take great pride in cultivating and managing every single one of our customer relationships, to ensure we get the best out of our partnership with you. Unlike some other automotive agencies, you’ll never feel ghosted by us. We will always put your website and marketing first, which is why we go out of our way to visit you and your dealership – no matter where in the UK you may be based! 

A Dedicated Dealer WhatsApp Group

Who wants to deal with a faceless company? Not us! At 67 Degrees, we do things differently. You’ll not only receive support from your very own Account Manager, we’ll also set up a dedicated WhatsApp group for your dealership too. We all love a good chat, so we want to make sure you get heard – loud and clear! Every one of our team working on your account gets added to the group, so you’ll have the right expertise and advice you need at the other end of the phone. What’s not to love about that?! 

Brownies on Your Birthday!

Sounds too good to be true? Think again! If you can’t enjoy the best-ever brownies on your birthday, then when can you?! We believe it’s the little things that go a long way when it comes to showing people you care. We’ll always make sure you receive a box of brownies on your birthday each year, just to remind you that we’re always here. That’s our pinky promise!

Let’s connect! Why not slide into our DM’s, pop us an email, or give us a call to find out why we’re the perfect website partner for you. Head over to our Contact Us page for all the details, or drop us a message via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Linkedin. 

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