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July 4, 2022

Gemini Systems offers our dealers seamless integration through their dedicated DMS solution

When it comes to partnerships, we like to think we’re pretty picky when choosing which other suppliers we work with in the automotive industry. But there’s a very good reason for this – and that reason is YOU – our customers.

At 67 Degrees, we pride ourselves on creating outstanding websites for our customers, so why wouldn’t we have the same attitude when it comes to our preferred partners. As any car dealer knows, your business simply wouldn’t function without a decent dealer management system.

Integral in ensuring your dealership operates seamlessly and efficiently, it’s imperative you work with a reliable DMS provider. This is why we recommend Gemini Systems to customers looking for an efficient DMS to complement the day-to-day running of their business.

Why we recommend Gemini Systems

Gemini Systems’ DMS innovates through integration, featuring a two-way API called OSI or Open Systems Integration, which offers the best ‘open-door’ policy within the UK DMS market.

OSI enables Gemini’s partners to quickly develop two-way integration with its flagship DMS solution ‘Evolution’, granting access to customer account information, vehicle information, vehicle stock information and much more. It also allows their partners to ‘post’ data live into the DMS, providing customers with great flexibility and functionality without the overhead of any double entry.

Much like us here at 67 Degrees, their typical customers are car dealers of all shapes and sizes; ranging from independents to multi-franchise dealers across the UK. As you can appreciate, this makes Gemini Systems a great fit for us.

What are the benefits of our integration partnership?

As with any product partner we’d recommend, there needs to be distinct benefits to our customers – the more the better! There’s certainly an abundance of benefits when it comes to Gemini Systems’ trusted solution – they go ‘beyond the DMS’, providing innovation through integration.

Here’s just a few reasons why they could be a great for you:

Efficiency. Integration with Gemini Systems’ cutting-edge DMS means our customers are benefiting from the latest digital technologies to not only save you time, but provide greater profit opportunities too. One such perk includes live vehicle stock integration without the need for double keying – now that sounds more like it. Simply put, dealers can manage and advertise all stock in Evolution, with this information passed to their website, via DMS integration, automatically and in real-time.

Reactive. Our e-commerce solutions are seamlessly integrated to revolutionise the way in which dealers can sell. Customers can take advantage of a two-step reserve online or full end-to-end product to totally transform their own customers buying journey. The minute a reservation or transaction takes place through one of our e-commerce plug-ins, Gemini Systems Evolution DMS solution updates instantly, so the stock records are amended accordingly. This results in less manual work, meaning one less worry for you.

Flexibility. The integration with Gemini Systems’ API allows us to cross-examine all vehicle stock and communicate detailed information to the DMS. Dealers can choose what stock is passed to their website and what isn’t, whilst maintaining a record for their entire vehicle inventory all in one place.

Responsiveness. For us, it’s important to work with a company that provides the same attention to detail as we do, whilst also focusing their efforts on second-to-none customer service – that goes without saying when it comes to Gemini Systems and their dedicated team. We have a great working relationship with them, and we know that through our partnership, we can offer a quick response to any customer queries, which is essential in this fast-paced industry.

Growth. Much like us here at 67 Degrees, Gemini Systems provides dealers with the tools to help them grow, meaning our customers have both a website and DMS solution that grows together as your dealership scales.

We’re here to help

Whether it’s a custom, bespoke, or templated website, we have the ability to seamlessly integrate with Gemini Systems’ Evolution DMS. If you’re an existing dealer looking to change DMS provider, or a new dealer looking to integrate a capable and reliable DMS, then get in touch with us to understand more about how our partnership with Gemini Systems can benefit you.

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