A Website That Flows For Fratelli Cars

August 31, 2022

With a tagline like ‘more than just the drive’, it’s fair to say that when high-performance car retailer Fratelli wanted an upgrade to their online showroom, they needed more than just a website, too. With cars in their collection beautiful enough to make heart rates rocket, they enlisted the help of 67 Degrees to create a custom website worthy of the wheels that they sell. 

A home page with impact 

Fratelli is the Italian word for ‘brothers’, and it’s this side-by-side spirit of togetherness in which we built their new website, collaborating with co-owner Geoff in terms of a bold design. We’re thrilled that we can finally show it to the world, with a custom home page that our in-house designers were able to really go to town on. 

With a brief that suggested we swerve the white space, what you get with this new site is full immersion into the world of Fratelli from the moment you land on the home page. We’re big fans of video on a website, as when it’s used correctly, it can really pack a punch; the new Fratelli site demonstrates what we mean by this! You immediately feel like you know everything corner of the dealership from the high-impact video you’re met with on the home page.

Geoff and Paula at Fratelli were after a website that ‘flowed’ – now that’s our sort of language! The new home page takes you over stunning image blocks, past a sneak peek at the remarkable cars in stock, all the way down to those glowing customer reviews. It’s flow that the team wanted, so we ensured that it’s a seamless website that we delivered. 

Top marques for the vehicle details page

Lamborghinis, McLarens, Porsches and Jaguars; Fratelli’s compact collection of vehicles manages to squeeze in some seriously sexy makes and models! The beauty of a 67 Degrees custom website is that the homepage can look however you want it to, while the other pages follow the tried and tested formula of our template options. This means that Fratelli’s four-wheeled head-turners now have the opportunity to sparkle the way they deserve to, with dedicated vehicle details pages that tell prospective customers everything they need to know about each car. 

Brought about by a car dealer’s dream team 

Our match-made-in-heaven connection to Fratelli was made by one of our partners, Octane Finance, who are behind the Crawley-based dealership’s fantastic finance offerings. As trusted partners of ours too (and we’re pretty fussy about who we work with on behalf of our customers), they happily made the introduction, and the rest, as they say… 

What sets us apart 

As the final tweaks were made to Fratelli’s website, we saw the benefits of our dedicated WhatsApp group with the dealership team really shine through. Messages back and forth allowed us to get everything just right, and we could really ramp up the excitement ahead of go-live time.

You’ll often find 67 Degrees dealers marvelling at our message-based communication style – we welcome emails and phone calls of course, but by setting up individual WhatsApp groups between us and our dealers, we’re able to respond to queries, answer any questions, and get started on resolutions within hours, if not minutes! 

We’re a friendly, approachable bunch, so we find this works great for us and our dealer family to regularly check in. 

How can 67 Degrees see your dealership speed ahead? 

You and your dealership are more than capable of hitting that overtaking lane – we know it! We’ve got the tools and the team to take you there, with stunning websites that are not only easy on the eye, but easy for your customers to cruise around too. 

Keen to know more? Give us a call, or get in touch via our contact form here.

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