Auto Trader Valuations: Everything You Need to Know

February 22, 2024

Used car dealers can make better buying decisions and purchase the right stock at the right time – and it’s free for 67 Degrees customers!

Finding the optimal asking price for used vehicles poses an ever-present challenge for car dealerships in today’s dynamic market. Price a car too high and the vehicle collects cobwebs on the forecourt, or price a car too low and you could risk losing out on potential profits. So where is the sweet spot?  

Striking the right balance requires real-time valuation estimates tailored to current market conditions and individual vehicle attributes – and guess what, Auto Trader has the solution! Introducing Auto Trader Valuations for UK retailers which is set to revolutionise stock buying and selling decisions for dealers.

In this article, we’ll discuss Auto Trader Valuations in more detail, explain how the valuations solution works, the groundbreaking tool’s benefits to car dealers, and how 67 Degrees customers can have the website integration set up for FREE! Read on to find out more… 

What is Auto Trader Valuations?

As any car dealer knows, accurately pricing and valuing used vehicles can be a major challenge. Of course, you want to be able to offer your customers competitive prices that sell stock fast, but you don’t want to give cars away and devalue your worth. The solution to being bang on the money lies in real-time market data and this is where Auto Trader Valuations comes into its own. 

It helps UK retailers achieve highly accurate pricing based on current market conditions and with an abundance of data at its fingertips, you can revel in the knowledge that your pricing will be spot on. Auto Trader Valuations is powered by over 900,000 daily visits to the online marketplace platform, so it works by leveraging immense amounts of vehicle listing and sales data to deliver precise vehicle valuations.

As a time-poor dealer, this means you can make better business decisions, faster, without the need to reference multiple different systems in the process. It really is that simple.

How does Auto Trader Valuations work?

The Auto Trader Valuations solution works seamlessly for car dealers, whether you require a retail valuation, trade valuation, or part-exchange valuation, you can access them all in one place. Here’s what to expect:

Data Input

Dealers can input important details of vehicles like make, model, age, mileage, trim level, location, and postcode. Auto Trader Valuations will then use the data and insight from its huge database of listings to provide real-time accurate vehicle pricing based on your requirements. 

Valuation Models

Sophisticated data-led algorithms accurately estimate the market value of the vehicle in question. The valuation model takes into account circumstances such as current market conditions, pricing trends, demand and supply, etc.

Valuation Reports 

Dealers instantly receive a detailed valuation report for each vehicle enquiry they submit. The reports provide a market price range, and comparisons to similar vehicles bought and sold, among other important attributes. 

Ongoing Monitoring

Valuation estimates per vehicle are continually monitored and updated in real-time which provides users with an accurate view of the current market value – no second-guessing is needed!

Analytics & Insights

The tool provides analytics and insights on vehicle demand, price movements, and regional variations that allow for smart trading decisions where day-to-day business is concerned. 

Seamless Integration

Auto Trader Valuations can integrate with websites and dealer management systems so you can access the tool at any time. 

What are the benefits of Auto Trader Valuations for car dealers?

Being able to buy stock and price each vehicle to a live and active market is a no-brainer with Auto Trader Valuations. By adopting this market-leading solution, you will no doubt enhance profitability, inventory management, and consumer trust. 

Shaving off valuable time from the working day is all about streamlining your processes, and that starts with pricing your stock accurately. Of course, there are some other key benefits that are invaluable to your dealership, including: 

  • Real-time valuation updates that are based on actual Auto Trader data
  • Access to vehicle valuations up to £70,000 
  • Set rules to automatically increase offers by a percentage or cash amount
  • Stay competitive against your competitors
  • Zero integration costs for 67 Degrees customers!

You certainly won’t be alone in your decision to use Auto Trader Valuations, as the tool is already trusted by over 7,000 UK retailers. Forget the traditional way, move forward the smarter way!     

67 Degrees customers can make use of Auto Trader Valuations to provide part-exchange valuations for FREE!

That’s right, as a 67 Degrees customer you can access Auto Trader Valuations to power your website part-exchange journey for FREE! Any of our car dealer customers with the Auto Trader Connect Retail Essentials package will be able to utilise this powerful integration at no extra cost. If you are a commercial dealer, you can also make use of Auto Trader Valuations for your part-exchange journey by making use of Auto Trader’s ‘trade value’.  

This means you can make data-driven purchase offers and buy the right stock at the right price, so there’s no more guessing on trade-in values! What’s more is that vehicle valuations are updated in real-time so you can stay up to speed at the click of a button.

If you would like to enhance your process of buying stock, then get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to accelerate the integration with your 67 Degrees website completely free of charge. Go on, you know it makes sense!    

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