AutoTrader Connect Data Feeds Migration

March 14, 2022

As a valued 67 Degrees customer, you will have recently received an email from us regarding the important upcoming changes to the AutoTrader data feeds. In addition, you will have also received an email from AutoTrader to advise you of the changes too. 

Here’s what you need to know about AutoTrader Connect

In the coming weeks, AutoTrader will be upgrading its current data feeds system by replacing it with real-time data sharing through a new service called ‘AutoTrader Connect’. The new service aims to provide a more effective way for you to push your stock to AutoTrader.

Unlike the existing feed system, AutoTrader Connect will provide real-time changes so that stock will be fed instantaneously to Dealer Portal. Based on the benefits this upgrade provides, we will be implementing the API to all 67 Degrees customers, and as advised in your email, the migration is due to begin later this month.

Why is AutoTrader implementing AutoTrader Connect? 

AutoTrader is transforming data feeds and introducing real-time data sharing to benefit your dealership. The migration will give you access to advanced vehicle data in your existing stock management system, alongside real-time updates across your key selling channels. 

There are 3 key benefits to having AutoTrader Connect implemented, these are:

  1. SAVE TIME by removing the inefficiencies that come with daily data feeds.
  2. INCREASE MARGIN by accessing advanced data to maximise your profit margin.
  3. IMPROVE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE by ensuring consistency and accuracy with advanced data presented in real-time.

Welcome to Real Time Retail from AutoTrader

When data sharing between systems is not instantaneous, it can result in inefficiencies for retailers like yourselves, which in turn results in poor consumer experience. Because of this, AutoTrader is transforming data feeds by introducing real-time data across networks. 

Having access to advanced vehicle data will make your advert creation quicker, easier and more accurate. You can also create and manage stock from your existing stock management system, with automatic updates to other key sales channels – saving you time and money. Remember, all this is done in real-time, so you can add, edit and remove vehicle adverts from customer-facing channels in an instant, ensuring your available stock is kept up-to-date and accurate. 

Say goodbye to daily feeds and the days when edits could only be made once in a 24-hour period – we bet that’s music to your ears! Still not convinced? Of course every one of our dealers will have the chance to opt out should you not see the benefit for you and your business.  

67 Degrees is an AutoTrader Connect Partner 

We’re proud to be working alongside AutoTrader as an official AutoTrader Connect Partner to make the system available to all 67 Degrees customers. 

Within the email we sent, you will have noticed we will be commencing the upgrade from Monday 21st March 2022. Whilst it will take a few weeks to complete the process, we have provided you with a scheduled date the switch over to AutoTrader Connect will happen. Should this date need to change, we will of course be in touch to let you know. 

It’s important for us to communicate that the switch to AutoTrader Connect is not compulsory. However, as your website agency, we strongly advise you to embrace the changeover to the upgraded system. We only ever implement processes and systems we believe are beneficial to you and your dealership, and our team is working hard to ensure the migration is as smooth as possible.

If you decide not to go ahead with the migration, you have 7 days from the date of the email you received, to opt out. As communicated, simply email to confirm your opt-out to us in writing.   

If for some reason you did not receive an email from us, please get in touch with your dedicated account manager via your designated WhatsApp group, or drop us an email to and one of the team will be in touch.

Following your migration, it is important that you only make changes to your vehicles via your website’s CMS, rather than AutoTrader’s Dealer Portal to ensure that updates are fed through correctly to both your website and AutoTrader.

For full terms and conditions relating to the new AutoTrader Connect service, please click here. We look forward to migrating you over to AutoTrader Connect very soon! 

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