Bangers4Ben 2018: The 10th Anniversary Tour

July 25, 2018

Rewind the clock and cast your mind back 10 years. It’s 2008. Gordon Brown is Prime Minister, Lewis Hamilton has just taken his first Formula One World Championship, the summer Olympics take place in Beijing, the world’s stock markets are in free fall as a global recession grips and a team from CarDealer magazine are assembled with an array of bangers for a road trip unlike any other. A road trip that would become known as Bangers4Ben.

Whilst a lot has changed in 10 years Bangers4Ben has remained a constant and this year, whilst taking place over the first weekend in October, see’s the events 10 year anniversary and what’s more, our very own 67 Degrees team will be taking on the challenge!

Now one of the must-attend events on the automotive calendar, Bangers4Ben is organised annually by industry publication CarDealer magazine and is designed to support automotive charity, Ben.

A madcap banger rally taking place over several days, the event see’s car dealers and automotive industry suppliers alike take each other on to reign supreme in the banger stakes. The challenge, source a car for £750 or less, decorate acquired banger in a distinctive and eye-catching fashion whilst raising as much money as possible for Ben before embarking on a European driving adventure. Upon returning to the UK, said banger must be delivered to auction where it will go under the hammer for Ben.

Past years have seen some true highlights and have taken in some of the finest driving roads Europe has to offer whilst winding in and out of Germany, Belgium, France and even as far down as northern Italy. Previous years have seen participants visit famous locations such as Reims, Circuit de Spa Francorchamps, Silverstone, the iconic Nurburgring and the homes of BMW in Munich and Ferrari in Maranello. Usually taking place over four days this year’s event plays out over five and culminates in a final day of top-secret activities at a yet to be revealed location! Here’s the 2018 itinerary below:

Day One: Starting at Mercedes Benz World in Weybridge, Surrey we will be hitting the Channel Tunnel before driving on down to historic Reims, France.

Day Two: Day two see’s us depart Reims and head into Germany’s industrial heartland and arrive into Stuttgart.

Day Three: From Stuttgart, we head off to Bruges via some prime German Autobahn to give our banger it’s ultimate test.

Day Four: The second to last day and it see’s us leave Bruges for a yet to be revealed mystery location, (gulp), at which we will participate in some TopGear style challenges before a black-tie dinner to celebrate a decade of B4B!

Whilst all of this sounds like a fantastic adventure, behind the high jinx and frolics lays an important beneficiary, automotive charity, Ben. Designed to cater to the needs of both current and past members of the automotive industry, Ben provides a range of services, covering a person’s core wellbeing from financial and social support to physical and mental wellbeing and provides this care to anyone related to the industry and that falls in need. In addition, Ben’s services also extend right through to that person’s immediate family ensuring far reaching support.

We are proud to support this great cause and last year, the event broke records by raising a mighty £59,000. We are looking to reach a target of £2000 to help contribute to this total, so if you are able to donate in any way, however small, we would all very much appreciate your generous support. If you would like to donate you can do so at the link, here.

We cannot wait to take part and already have our banger and theme already well advanced so watch this space! We will be sharing updates throughout the build-up and during the event so make sure you are following us on our social channels for all of the latest!

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