Bigging Up Our Bosses On National Boss’s Day

October 16, 2020

National Boss’s Day we hear you say?! That’s right, not a day goes by in the year now without some kind of gimmick being associated with it. However, we feel that National Boss’s Day is far too important to be overlooked, especially when we have two of the best bosses on the planet – yes, really! 

Friday 16th October is officially National Boss’s Day and we’re taking the opportunity to big up our own bosses; Laura Coleby and Justin Woodford. Now, doing so comes at quite a risk as both of them are far too modest and humble to ever acknowledge just what amazing bosses they are. 

Together they founded 67 Degrees back in the early part of 2016, well over four-and-a-half years ago now. Through sheer grit, determination and hard work, they have created the 67 Degrees business we know and love today. Even a national lockdown couldn’t hold them back and 67 Degrees has continued to grow and flourish through the most difficult of times. 

The team here at 67 Degrees couldn’t be prouder of Laura and Justin, and everything they continue to achieve with their trusty crew behind them. Each and every one of us here puts 110% into what we do and we know how much it is appreciated. 

As Laura and Justin’s National Boss’s Day cards say, “We probably wouldn’t come to work if it wasn’t for you!” Whilst said in jest, there is very much a lot of truth to it. We are so lucky to have such supportive bosses, who believe in each and every one of us and who have trusted us to help them make their business the success story it is. 

We’ve all worked in jobs with bosses who are horrible to work for, real tyrants (well, some of you reading this may still do!) and we can’t tell you how nice and refreshing it is to come into work and like your boss, and when we say like, we mean really like, as in, “let’s hang out and be friends”, kind of like. And that is something pretty special we think.

Happy National Boss’s Day Laura and Justin!   

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