BMW Park Lane: The Sequel

March 16, 2023

It’s not just our relationship with BMW Park Lane that’s evolved over the years – a redesign by 67 Degrees has bought their website bang up-to-date too!

If you’re anything like us, when you think about London’s Mayfair area, you think of only one thing; beautiful, beautiful cars. So, as you can imagine, our relationship with the prestigious BMW flagship dealership, BMW Park Lane, is a source of great pride for us here at 67 Degrees

We were excited when we first worked with the Park Lane team on the vision for their BMW Park Lane Rewards website back in 2018, and we were just as excited when they approached us to freshen things up in 2021. We were so pleased to launch their new site at the end of last year, and in February we had the opportunity to visit the team and talk about why our relationship works… 

Who are BMW Park Lane? 

In their own words ‘BMW Park Lane enjoys the role of the flagship store in the UK for BMW and MINI products’, This includes BMW, BMW MINI, and BMW Motorrad. 

As a retailer with so much going on, BMW Park Lane found itself with lots of different brands sitting on various sites, which can be confusing for the user and comes at the risk of losing out on precious traffic. 

What the second part of our collaboration with the team allowed us to do is bring everything together, provide clear pathways for those browsing the site, and stay on-brand with a cohesive design.

A website that ticks all the boxes 

If you’re a dealership that represents a car manufacturer, you’ll know that your online presence needs to be designed within guidelines that ensure it’s on-brand. Whilst this could sound restrictive, it’s actually not too different to brand guidelines set out by any of our other dealers. 

Brand guidelines can include everything from typeface use and logo sizing to imagery. For example, for BMW, different font weights are used for different ranges; the typeface used for their core offering differs from their luxury class, to give you an idea of how this works. 

Our designers and developers are more than used to working within frameworks like these, which is a testament to their attention to detail, and how important it is to us to get our websites just right. 

A close working relationship

When you speak to the team at Park Lane, it’s clear that they value human connection as well as beautiful cars, which is an approach mirrored here at 67 Degrees. It’s on this theme of alignment that our relationship has blossomed into something we’re proud to call a friendship, as we keep in touch regularly via WhatsApp, emails, and chats on the phone. 

This open communication is very much our style for all our dealers, something we know so many of them find refreshing, BMW Park Lane included. 

Your website, your content

Something that appealed to the BMW Park Lane team in particular about the 67 Degrees CMS, was the freedom they have to edit their content. For 67 Degrees dealers, content changes don’t necessarily mean putting in a ticket and waiting for the changes to be made – you can do any on-page text changes yourself within the platform. 

Training on how to do this happens around the time your site goes live, so that your website content can flex to what’s happening in your business. 

Testimony on tape 

To brighten up a cloudy February, we headed up to Park Lane for a catch-up with the team, and managed to catch a chat with Duncan, BMW Park Lane’s Group Marketing Manager, on video, and he was only too happy to tell us what made the 67 Degrees experience a positive one for their business. 

Filming also gave us an excuse to drool over some of the outstanding BMW and MINI models in their showroom – take a look at those colours! 

A big thank you to Duncan for his kind words; we’re so excited to see where our relationship goes next.

Find your own touch of luxury with a 67 Degrees website 

We believe that every car dealership is worthy of an online space that looks great and performs to its full potential, from small, independent dealerships serving their community, to big, prestigious car retailers, like BMW Park Lane, that attract attention from all over the country. 

We can tailor your website to your needs through a collaborative approach, and a package suited to your dealership and your budget. 

See what we’ve achieved for other dealers, and get in touch today.

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