Facebook IOS 14 Update – What’s Expected For Car Dealers

March 17, 2021

With privacy at the forefront of any platform, the latest Apple iOS update is no exception. With the roll out being pushed back, we were expected to see the latest update released in early 2021. The biggest change we’ll see is how the update is going to affect adverts across Facebook and Instagram.

What do we know so far

There are going to be significant changes to the way paid advertising works on Facebook and Instagram. Optimising, targeting and reporting is going to be changed forever. Facebook has seen it’s fair bit of press regarding privacy and data sharing and it was only a matter of time before handset providers took matters into their own hands.

The latest update will see Apple roll out an ‘App Tracking Transparency Prompt’. This means that users will now be asked if they want the app to track their behaviour online. Many people will click ‘Ask App not to Track’ which means, in simple terms, none of their data will be allowed to be shared with that app.

So, if you have a Facebook pixel on your website and they visit your vehicle pages, you won’t be able to advertise to them with targeted adverts across Facebook.

Why is this bad for Facebook?

To get the best possible results from your advertising campaigns on Facebook, they need to have the right data. Facebook uses that data from the adverts you post and works out when is the best time to post, the type of person to advertise to and who is most likely to engage with your posts.

Since 2007, Facebook has been improving the Business Manager platform; it has created an algorithm with the best type of audience for your information and the best conversion rates. Moving forward, if people have opted out of this, we won’t be able to access that data anymore.

There is going to be an impact, but it won’t stop you from advertising on Facebook

When it comes to tracking conversions, previously you were able to track as many as you like – some would track 20 different conversions along their user journey. If you have a fully optimised online car buying journey, you now won’t be able to track every stage of the process. If the user drops out at the very end stage, you will now only be able to track one conversion event.

No-one really knows what the impact will be at this stage, as this is only going to affect users with iPhones. This update will not affect people looking at your site via Android devices. What we do know is that less data is going to be coming though, so we are expecting to see a 5-10% negative effect on the adverts. When you convert that into numbers, it’s not going to be huge.

Aside from Auto Trader, Facebook will still have a huge impact in driving users to your website and we for one, don’t see this changing anytime soon.

Reporting is changing

When looking at how well your adverts are performing, the data is practically realtime. However, when the next update is rolled out, this will change to possibly 72 hours. The good news is that we don’t think this will affect what you or we will be doing. As best practice, what we suggest is to run adverts for seven days and then assess the delivery of these adverts.

Facebook is also changing the attribution window; 28-day click, 28-day view and 7-day view windows will no longer be supported under the new ad set level attribution setting. This is now changing to 1-day/7-day view/click. So if someone visits your website on day one and then comes back on day eight and gets in touch, you won’t be able to see this conversion, even though it comes from Facebook.

How to prep

There are certain things you can do to help with the iOS update. Below we have listed out five steps to get you started :-

  1. Verify your Facebook domain
    This is an easy process which is done via the Business Manager and through the hosting of your website.
  2. Configure your web events
    Once your domain has been verified you can set your eight conversions.
  3. Changing the attribution window
    To get ahead of the curve you can change the attribution window to 7-day click and 1-day view.
  4. Remove iOS from the targeting on all your campaigns
    Once the update is live, you could remove any iOS devices from your targeting which means you know the data will also be accurate with people who opt in.
  5. Create a custom audience advert which is just targeting iOS devices. 
    Creating a custom advert with a small budget means that you can see how well the advert performs with just iOS devices.

How can we help?

Over the past five years, we have been looking after organic and paid social media accounts for some of the biggest independent and franchise car dealerships in the UK. Our social media experts know everything about Facebook and the latest updates and we have been rolling out our own internal plan to clients over the last few months.

Speak to us today about our social media packages and let us help promote your dealership to a wider audience.

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