Facebook Marketplace: Frequently Asked Questions

December 18, 2019

What is Facebook Marketplace? How do I feed my vehicles? With 67 Degrees becoming a Facebook Marketplace Listing Partner, you may have a few questions about this new integration and how it will work for you.

To help you answer some of those questions we’ve put together a handy frequently asked questions guide below, so read on to find out more.

What is Facebook Marketplace?

Arriving in 2016, Facebook Marketplace brings buyers and sellers together in one place. Much like other classified websites, users are able to browse product categories and discover items for sale in their local area or further afield. Potential buyers can also contact sellers through Facebook Messenger to find out more about the items for sale.

How do I get my stock on Facebook Marketplace?

As a 67 Degrees customer, your stock is already held within our system. All you need to do is give us Editor or Administrator access to your Facebook page so we can set up the feed.

What will my listings look like?

Depending on the amount of information provided, your vehicles will be displayed with a general overview at the top of the listing highlighting items such as age and mileage. Below this will be features/specification and description, again only if this has been provided by you. Below this is your businesses details including contact details. This section will also display your Facebook reviews rating.

How do I manage leads?

Facebook Marketplace utilises Messenger for handling leads and any questions or enquiries will be displayed in your Facebook page inbox. You’ll be able to respond to any leads in this inbox aswell.

How can Marketplace users find my stock?

Using the user’s location data, by default, potential buyers will be shown vehicles in a 40km radius, however, their location and radius can be changed at any time to take in vehicles from further afield. Once location and distance preferences have been set, users are able to search by a variety of filters such as make and model to discover their dream car.

Will my videos feed across?

At current, Facebook does not support videos on Marketplace.

How many images can I have?

Facebook Marketplace has an image cap of 20 images.

Can I choose which vehicles show on Marketplace?

Absolutely, the Facebook Marketplace integration works as other feeds within our system so you have full control over which vehicles get listed on Facebook Marketplace.

Will my vehicles show on my Facebook page?

No. Whilst a buyer is able to click through to your Facebook page from your vehicle adverts, vehicle stock will not show on your Facebook page. Vehicle adverts will only be displayed on Facebook Marketplace.

Can a user buy my cars through Facebook Marketplace?

No. Facebook Marketplace is purely product listings with no functionality provided for a customer to leave a deposit or buy the car outright.

Can I list new and used cars on Facebook Marketplace?

Facebook Marketplace only lists used and certified pre-owned vehicles. All vehicle mileage must be over 500 miles. This is set by Facebook.

Is there a cost involved?

No! Our Facebook Marketplace feed is free of charge for 67 Degrees customers.

How often is stock updated on Facebook Marketplace?

Stock is fed on multiple occasions daily to Facebook Marketplace.

Facebook Marketplace has rapidly become one of the most popular buying and selling marketplaces in the UK and this new partnership allows your dealership to tap into this huge and highly engaged audience. We’ve seen some great results already and we’re confident that you will too.

If you’re a current 67 Degrees customer and would like to take advantage of our new Facebook Marketplace Listing Partner status, get in contact us with us today and we’ll get you set up.

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