Google Analytics 4 – What Our Dealers Need to Know

June 2, 2023

Whether you’re far removed from marketing activities or you spend a lot of time with your head in all things social, content and SEO (like we do), you can’t have escaped the rumblings of Google Analytics 4 as it’s approached over the last 3 years. Yes, it was announced mid-pandemic!

Now, as we hurtle towards the 1st July, Google Analytics 4 isn’t so much approaching anymore – it’s almost arrived! For marketers and business owners alike, this big change in website analytics can be daunting, but don’t fear – we’ve got you! 

At 67 Degrees, we’ve been getting to grips with GA4 for our dealers. This has meant making migration smooth, gathering as much data as we can before the switch, and still being able to effectively delve into website stats come July 1st. 

What is Google Analytics 4? 

Currently (but not for much longer), Google operates with the Universal Analytics platform, which enables you to measure the number of visitors and level of engagement across your website and any associated apps. 

Google Analytics 4 is a brand new service; the next generation of Google Analytics, described as ‘a new property designed for the future of measurement’. Property means the reports and data you’re able to gather about your website and apps.  

Streamlining the process for users whilst offering increased visibility over site performance and the journey of your user was the main idea behind this bigger and better platform from Google. The interface itself is very different to the Universal Analytics that you may be familiar with.

What are some of the main differences between Universal Analytics and GA4? 

Google Analytics 4 is a whole different landscape, both visually, and when you come to navigate around it. Here are some of the key differences between UA and the sparkly new GA4… 

  • Website and app data are no longer separate; you’ll be able to see data from both combined. 
  • GA4 bases stats around ‘events’ as opposed to ‘sessions’ – any interaction will be captured as an event, so it’s goodbye to metrics such as ‘session duration’.  
  • GA4 is now hierarchical: Organisation, Analytics Account, followed by Analytics Property. For example, products and users are collected together in what’s called an ‘organisation’ which effectively means your company.
  • AI, the hottest topic in tech, is used throughout GA4 –  predictive intelligence can analyse data to second-guess future actions of your website or app visitors.

What happens to data that has been collected by Universal Analytics?

One of the reasons that this switch has caused so much disturbance is the fact that once the switchover has happened, there is no way of retrieving the old data from UA. In fact, none of the UA data will be transferred over. That’s a pretty big deal! 

Luckily, migration to GA4 was made possible over a year ago, which meant that setting up GA4 for your business quickly was vital if you wanted to have year-on-year data to compare it to when 1st July 2023 rolled around. 

What does GA4 mean for 67 Degrees dealers? 

As we know, data comparison allows you to see where changes within your business, on your website, and in your marketing activities could be beneficial to your user’s journey, and your conversions. We recognised this as soon as we were able to get stuck into GA4 (even whilst they were still making changes to it) and began migrating our many dealers onto the new platform. 

We’re proud to say that we’ve been one step ahead in ensuring we have access to as much year-on-year data as possible before it’s lost. Therefore the most important thing for each and every 67 Degrees customer to know is that whilst you should be aware that your analytics is changing, you don’t need to do anything – we’ve done it for you! 

Where can I read more about Google Analytics 4? 

There is so much about Google Analytics 4 to discover, and our GA4 research is laid out in this handy article, enabling you to get a decent understanding of this new world of analytics. 

In our experience with Google Analytics so far, the best way to learn the platform is to explore it; we’ve spent time doing this over the last year, and we know it gives us a fantastic view of our websites’ performance. 

As a 67 Degrees dealer, can I get help with my website analytics?

Of course! For car, commercial, caravan and motorbike dealers with a 67 Degrees website who enlist our help with their marketing activities, we spend a lot of time analysing lead acquisition and general website performance, but this is something we can help all of our customers with too. Going forward, we will be able to send you a report of your website data every month, so you know how it’s performing. How cool is that?!

As always, you can reach out here to talk all things automotive web design and marketing, from a brand new site, to GA4!

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