Google My Business rebrands as Google Business Profile

December 17, 2021

Find out what this means for your dealership

If your dealership actively uses the Google My Business (GMB) service, you will no doubt have noticed a change in name.

Google has rebranded GMB as Google Business Profile in a move to enhance the business management abilities of the online service. As part of a series of changes by Google, the change was rolled out imminently across all active accounts in November 2021, with more adaptations expected in 2022.

What is Google Business Profile?

Google Business Profile allows companies to have more of a visual presence on Google. The tool enables local businesses to develop a brand profile via Google’s online products, such as Maps and Search. 

Customers are able to access a company’s information via Google Business Profile, to help them find your premises, discover your opening times, read reviews from other customers, and learn more about the services and products you offer. 

A well-managed Google Business Profile also means that Google will prioritise your business in search results, making you twice as likely to be considered a reputable company compared to those without one. 

How can your dealership benefit from Google Business Profile?

If you don’t currently have a Google Business Profile, speak to us about setting one up for you. There are many benefits to investing in the service, which Google provides completely free of charge. You can promote your dealership through three main categories:

  1. Key business information. Tell Google your opening and closing hours, share your website address, phone number and location of premises.
  2. Communicate with existing customers. Share information about your dealership, including your current news, latest offers, company photos, as well as responding to reviews.
  3. Attract potential new customers. Promote your dealership and point potential customers to your website and the services you offer. 

How is Google Business Profile different from Google My Business?

Google has enhanced the user experience via Google Business Profile, to help simplify the service depending on if you have a single location listed, or multiple company locations as part of your profile.

In 2022, small businesses will be encouraged to manage their profiles directly on the Search or Maps apps that Google provides. This is because the Google Business Profile experience will evolve to primarily support larger businesses and those with multiple locations.

The good news is that Google will introduce additional tools to Google Business Profile customers, to help them fully understand and boost their search performance locally. Eventually, UK businesses will also be able to track data from inbound calls via Google Business Profile too.     

How can you improve your Google Business Profile? 

We appreciate it can feel like a struggle to stand out online – especially if you are a small dealership. To enhance your presence on Google Search and Google Maps, ensuring your Google Business Profile is complete and up-to-date is a must. 

Your Google Business Profile is one of the best ways to ensure your dealership gets seen online for free. The management tool is designed to present your business in a neat and attractive manner, using a format that customers are already familiar with. Here’s our top tips to help improve your Google Business Profile…  

Complete your profile

As tempting as it is to fill out only the very basic information about your dealership, we recommend that your profile matches the 100% completion rate to get noticed by existing and potential new customers in your area. 

Encourage customer reviews

If you have existing customers who have had a great experience with you, then encourage them to rate your business out of five stars and leave a glowing review. There’s no better promotion than a positive review from someone who has already chosen to buy a car from your dealership. 

Create content and talkability

Posting fresh and regular content about your dealership is also a great way to engage with customers and helps them understand your business better. Whether it’s celebrating a customer collecting their new car, praise for one of your sales team, or simply a picture of your showroom, this content enables customers to get to know you better. 

Remember to include a call-to-action  

Lastly, always remember to include a call-to-action message at the end of each post to benefit your dealership. This could be a link to subscribe to a newsletter, an enquire now button, or a link to your latest offers.

If you’re a 67 Degrees customer and need a helping hand, we can help you maximise your dealership’s Google Business Profile potential. Get in touch with us on 01273 007855 or email

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