Introducing Wilsons New Website With Integrated Ecommerce Experience

March 3, 2021

We’re extremely excited to introduce a brand new website for Wilsons, which is set to completely revolutionise the way in which its customers can purchase a vehicle.

As the largest family run multi-franchise dealership and used car supermarket in the South of England, we are very proud to be working in partnership with Wilsons to help them create a website which offers a seamless end-to-end ecommerce experience.

It marks another big step for us here at 67 Degrees as we welcome Wilsons to the family, who are our first franchise customer. Prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic and its lockdown restrictions, the new website has been months in the making. 

With car dealerships up and down the country having been forced to close their doors during recent weeks and months, owners have sought alternative solutions to keep businesses running and meet customer demand. As the appetite for online purchasing grows, Wilsons was keen not to miss an opportunity. 

Lauren Michael, marketing manager at Wilsons, explains more: “Buy online was always something we wanted to introduce to our customers but were a little bit nervous to do so, but then the COVID-19 outbreak really pushed our hand in a positive way. 

“Up until now, customers had only been able to reserve a car online and then the rest of the process was completed over the phone. Being able to fully transact online is a game-changer for us as a business. 

“A key focus for us on top of an ecommerce solution was to ensure that the new site was also fully optimised for mobile. We know that 80% of our customers are choosing to view our website via mobile devices, so we wanted to make sure the new site was the best it could possibly be on mobile and tablet – that’s been a real priority for us.”

David Wheatcroft, managing director at Wilsons, adds: “These changes are huge for us. Not only can our customers now fully transact online, but they can also apply for finance in private which means that our sales team will only be privy to their application if they’ve been approved. 

“Our new process is the true epitome of buy online, where customers can also take advantage of a 48-hour delivery service. It’s going to transform the whole sales process. Customers can purchase both used and new cars on our website, which will revolutionise how we operate as a franchise dealer, pushing Wilsons Epsom nationwide.”   

The new website is visually engaging and seamlessly brings together the Wilsons brand alongside its vast offering of partner manufacturers. The site is easy to navigate and takes customers on a journey through Wilsons various franchises and associated products. New and used cars are well presented and vehicle details are clear to understand for consumers, as is the reserve now or buy online options.

David, continued: “I am very excited for our new partnership with website developers 67 Degrees. This will be the first of many advances for Wilsons as we strive to become one of the market leading dealerships, by offering the most up-to-date technology and software available to our customers.”

Click here to discover the new Wilsons website. 

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