Major Changes to Facebook Marketplace Feeds

September 3, 2021

Find out how your dealership will be affected

Social media giant, Facebook, will discontinue support for automated vehicle feeds for organic vehicle listings on Marketplace from Monday 13th September.

It’s one of the biggest changes to be made by Facebook in recent years and will affect car dealerships up and down the country – including 67 Degrees customers.

How Facebook Marketplace currently works

Essentially, Facebook Marketplace is a platform that allows people to sell items in their community by connecting sellers with buyers. This has enabled car dealers to list their vehicle inventory at no extra cost.

The used car market has specifically benefited from Facebook Marketplace, as dealerships are unable to list brand new cars with dealers only permitted to advertise pre-owned stock. Currently, vehicle listings appear alongside individual or private sellers, so that a Facebook user can filter between a dealership or individual’s vehicles for sale.

Vehicles cannot be purchased directly via Facebook Marketplace so prospective buyers are taken through to the dealers dedicated website or point of sale page. Dealerships can also boost their vehicle listings by using Facebook Marketplace as a paid ad placement, which has the potential to further increase the number of people who can see and engage with a vehicle listing.

Why Facebook is making these changes

In an official email update from Facebook, the social media giant states: “As we evolve and build for the future, we continue to invest heavily in solutions for the auto industry, creating products that help auto advertisers reach more potential car buyers while improving the consumer experience throughout the shopping journey. At the same time, we need to cater for a wide range of potential buyers and sellers on our platform.

“On Marketplace we’ve seen increased usage and demand for shipped goods with onsite checkout. So, to meet that demand, and best serve the people and businesses who use our services, at this moment we are shifting our product resources from supporting distribution of vehicles and rentals listings via partner catalogues on Marketplace, to expanding our offerings and features for shipped goods with onsite checkout.”

In summary, it does appear that Facebook is looking to encourage advertisers to invest advertising budgets into paid-for campaigns on the platform. Marketplace will continue to allow vehicle stock to be listed, but this will become a manual process with the ability to automatically feed vehicles from your website to Marketplace coming to an end.

What happens next?

From Monday 13th September your vehicles will no longer appear on Facebook Marketplace. This is due to Facebook removing support for third party data feeds.

In the immediate term, the only way to list vehicles on Marketplace without an automated data feed is to manually add each vehicle to Marketplace on a vehicle by vehicle basis.   

Whilst Facebook Marketplace will discontinue the distribution of listings provided via automated data feeds, the feeds themselves can be repurposed and used in conjunction with new and existing Facebook advertising products if you wish to allocate a Facebook advertising budget.

What can we do to help?

Unlike some agencies, 67 Degrees customers will know that we’ve never charged a fee to feed your vehicle stock to Facebook Marketplace, it has been available to you free of charge.

Although the changes by Facebook are completely out of our control, we are committed to ensuring that we can help fill the void that the current Marketplace platform offers.

We want to reassure our existing paid social customers that by continuing to run ad campaigns through Facebook, you will be able to retain and maintain your presence on the social media platform. Facebook is a really important way of being visual as a brand and engaging with customers in designated territories.

If you’re a 67 Degrees dealer and don’t currently advertise on Facebook through paid advertising, then now is the time to reach out to us to discover what options are available to you. Our experienced marketing team will work with you to create and develop stand-out social media campaigns to promote your dealership and enable you to sell or buy stock.

Let us help you embrace the change for the better; call us today on 01273 007855 or email

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