Reserve Online Solution for Car Dealers

August 19, 2022

How can our Reserve Online plugin transform your dealership?

Keen to give your customers the easiest journey to buying their car? Do you want your dealership to keep up with the online landscape without compromising on the personal touch? Meet our Reserve Online tool – we think you’ll get on like a house on fire! 

Reserve Online allows your customers to do just that; reserve a car online. It works with our dynamic designs and user-friendly, time-saving Content Management System to, quite frankly, change the game for our dealers. 

Bringing e-commerce to the digital forecourt 

We all saw the way that businesses mobilised to make click and collect work for them during those early days of the pandemic, when in-person browsing was no longer an option. For so many, it became not just a nice-to-have, but a necessity for survival, and we saw that this was the case within the motor industry too.

Always keen to be at the forefront of dealer-friendly tech, our clever development team had for some time been looking to get their teeth stuck into an e-commerce product, and this presented them with the perfect opportunity to do so, whilst making a real difference in the process. 

The ultimate balance between convenience and customer service

Reserve Online aligns so well with our belief in the blended approach, whereby the digital presence of a business can complement that invaluable face-to-face customer experience. The two-step Reserve Online plugin goes beyond making an enquiry on a car via email or contact form. Instead, customers can start the process from the comfort of their own home, where they can progress to an invite at the dealership to seal the deal. 

This not only makes it easier for customers to secure the car they want, but also for dealers to get ready-made leads arriving overnight – literally! 

How does Reserve Online work? 

Reserve Online gives customers the easiest journey to buying a car, with a small transaction in order to ‘hold’ the car they want, alerting the dealer to their interest in it, and removing it from sale for a short period of time. The reserve amount is variable – it could be £49, £99, or even £250, and it’s fully refundable, which removes the barrier of irreversible commitment that could put some customers off. 

This clever plugin essentially allows the customer to reserve a car in just a few ‘clicks’, and it’s then within the dealer’s power to arrange the vehicle’s collection at a mutually convenient time to ensure that they’re happy with the car, complete the sale, and get them behind the wheel. 

As a dealer in the motor trade, you’d probably say that your vehicles sell themselves, and Reserve Online enables customers to do just that – based on the car’s merit alone, a deal can essentially be done without any hard sales push from your team. A pressure-free buying process is what consumers tend to look for now, and we believe that this plugin allows this to be possible within the automotive industry. 

The data speaks for itself

You know us – we strongly believe in backing our bold claims up with data! So, we’re keen for you to discover the difference that we’ve made to the dealers within the 67 Degrees family that have already chosen our Reserve Online solution for their websites.

For example, Car Quay has had an average of 12 reservations a month completed in the last six months alone! Driving Cleaner Cars received 10 reservations a month for the first three months in 2022, and West Motors have had an average of six reservations a month completed in the last six months too. 

We also recently spoke to Sam at Humphries and Parks, who said of this fantastic sales tool (his words, and who are we to argue?!), that 80% of the online reservations they get through their website convert into sales. We think it’s safe to say that it’s transforming the way that our dealers sell cars! 

Why choose Reserve Online for your 67 Degrees website?

In addition to beautiful designs and a platform developed specifically with car dealers in mind, our Reserve Online plugin is a string to our bow that enables 67 Degrees dealers to offer their customers ultimate convenience at a touch of a button. 

Do you fancy having ready-to-convert leads land on your desk? Talk to us about switching your website to a 67 Degrees creation, or upgrading your current 67 Degrees site to include our much-loved Reserve Online plugin. 

If you need any further persuasion, here’s our friend Jamie at Car Quay singing Reserve Online’s praises – what better endorsement could we ask for?!

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