Sun, Sea, Sand and Search: BrightonSEO 18′

May 4, 2018

Ok, so the sun bit may have been lacking, but the recent BrightonSEO event saw the world of search and marketing descended on Brighton to be present at one of the largest SEO training and conference events in Europe. Taking place at the Brighton Centre, the two-day event pulls together some of the industries finest SEO brains and marketers not only from Europe but the world, and the 67 Degrees team were there to soak up all the latest in industry trends and methodologies.

Initially founded by South Coast native Kelvin Newman, the BrightonSEO event originally started life as an informal gathering of search marketers in a small room above a pub, in the same city, several years ago. From those humble beginnings, Brighton SEO has grown in size, going from that small room to booking out the Brighton Centre for two days every April.

As an annual event, it gives specialists in Search Engine Optimisation and digital marketers alike, a platform in which to share knowledge and gain the latest industry insight. Given the fast-paced nature of change within the digital marketplace, yesterday’s hot idea or trend can quickly become outdated and that’s why attending events like BrightonSEO are vital when it comes to staying on the pulse.

The event features a broad range of talks and includes presentations on the more technical side of search, which includes the likes of metadata and schema markup, to paid social advertising and influencer marketing. These talks then delve into how best to utilise these methodologies in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. Be it technical or doing your research and targeting your social advertising, what is common with all these techniques is that they are only as effective as you make them. That’s why it’s important to devote time to these areas and ensure they are delivered correctly.

Whilst the front end beauty of your website is important from a user and potential customer perspective, with emphasis on great user experience key, arguably the nuts and bolts of your website are ultimately what drive results. Whilst this work isn’t visible from a front end point of view for the most part, the way your website is optimised for search can quite literally make the difference between success and appearing in a virtual no man’s land.

With the shift to mobile devices no longer being the future, it’s here now, the way these websites perform and are ultimately served up to your customers is continually being tweaked by the major internet players, which includes the likes of Google and Bing. You may initially think, well if it isn’t broke why fix it?

Whilst that’s a fair point, when you take a moment to consider the vast amount of sites, pages and data in circulation on the world wide web, ordering these by quality and relevance are absolutely essential. The likes of Google and Bing constantly tweak their algorithms to ensure that this objective is achieved. As with any competitive space, there is more to it than just appearing on page one of the search results with your website. This doesn’t happen by accident and is only achieved with good SEO practice. Your website ranking is dictated after your website has been crawled by bots from search engines. The data gathered from this crawl is compared against a number of ranking factors and these can include a range of aspects and takes into account the following examples to name just a tiny fraction.

  • Your sites relevance to the searcher
  • Unique content
  • Keywords
  • Page speed

Every site we produce at 67 Degrees is thoroughly checked against all the current industry standards and accepted ranking factors and is continually updated in the background to ensure that they remain current, perform at their best and allow you to continue to compete with your competitors.

The BrightonSEO mantra is, ‘It’s a chance for SEOs to meet, learn and do their job a little better’, and the event delivers on this mantra perfectly. It’s a hotbed of all the latest trends and topics coupled with some real-world examples. An invaluable hive of information that at 67 Degrees, we can draw upon and put into practice with our customers own websites, to ensure that you remain competitive in a competitive marketplace.

Putting it into action…

Below are three takeaways that you can put into practice right away, without the need of completing a degree in website coding to understand.


Duplicate content is a big industry no no, so take a moment to ensure that your website doesn’t feature the same content twice. The experts speaking on the day will tell you, no content on a page, is better than duplicated content as this can negatively affect your search engine positioning. Ensure you make the time to carry out a content audit on your website, Google will thank you for it!

Paid Social

Many people may be guilty of chucking budget behind a post because of poor engagement. Instead of doing this, spend that money wisely. Put that budget behind a social post that has performed well and increase its reach. That original post has obviously tapped into something with the viewer so invest time into these posts to increase their engagement further.


When writing copy, be that for your website or for a paid advert, ensure that you write as if you were writing to your ideal customer. The tone of voice is essential, so make sure you know your demographic and are writing accordingly. People are receptive, and as a result will latch onto content that’s written in a manner they can identify with.

The above three points are all considered as ranking factor aspects and all play a part to achieve stronger SEO results. As ever, if you have any questions about the above or require assistance with copywriting, Facebook Advertising, or Search Engine Optimisation as a whole, our team are more than happy to assist you.

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