The AutoTrader Connect Retail Essentials Migration is Live!

February 10, 2023

As an instrumental part of our dealer’s businesses, it’s important that we fit seamlessly into their worlds; our aim is to make their online presence work as hard as they do in the showroom. 

Part of this mission involves invaluable partnerships and integration with other providers that a dealership just can’t live without, such as commerce solutions (like Codeweavers), Dealer Management Systems (like Gemini), and, of course, AutoTrader. It’s why we’re an AutoTrader Connect partner; our systems talk to each other, to ensure your customers can fall in love with your stock wherever they find you online. Nobody’s got the time to upload twice! 

Until 2022, changes made to either your 67 Degrees website or to AutoTrader took up to 24 hours to update the other – this wasn’t ideal, and this once-daily feed could create confusion in the time in between. 

Last year, we started working with AutoTrader on migrating our dealers to their Retail Essentials solution, the finishing touches of which we’re completing as we speak. 

What is Retail Essentials from AutoTrader? 

In essence, AutoTrader Connect Retail Essentials means that your stock is updated almost instantly, resulting in greater consistency between AutoTrader and your website. The real-time connectivity between retailer systems like ours and AutoTrader means they can mirror each other more or less immediately. AutoTrader is the UK’s most trusted marketplace for both new and used vehicles, so it’s no surprise that this clever system is powered by the data and insight that such an industry leader can provide.

Last year, our incredible development team got to work on the first phase of this integration, which saw 67 Degrees dealers who updated their stock via our CMS (that’s the back-end of their website) have the changes made immediately on AutoTrader too. 

Now, dealers who upload their stock via AutoTrader are beginning to enjoy the same convenience, with the updates appearing on their 67 Degrees site within minutes. The last few dealers to whom this applies are being migrated this week and next – it’s an exciting time! 

I’m a 67 Degrees dealer – what does this mean for me?  

We’re proud of our integration with AutoTrader, and if you’re a 67 Degrees dealer, we’re pleased to say that you will have already been migrated (or you’re in the process of being migrated) without you having to lift a finger. Dealers who upload via the 67 Degrees CMS must keep doing so. Those that upload via AutoTrader’s Dealer Portal must also continue to do just that. You should have received communication from us about your migration. 

If you currently upload your stock via Dealer Portal, another fantastic part of this integration is that you can also make the most of AutoTrader features data free of charge if you’re an AutoTrader subscriber. This means that we can populate vehicle specifications and optional extras information for your stock where available – we just need your advertiser ID in order for us to turn that on.

Here’s our Project Manager Stu, who has been overseeing the migration, talking about why we’re so excited about AutoTrader’s Retail Essentials…

I’m thinking of switching my website to 67 Degrees – why is the AutoTrader Connect Partnership special? 

First of all, that’s a fantastic idea and you won’t look back. Secondly, we know we’re biased but…it’s a game-changer! We’re two online automotive forces working side-by-side to save you time and sell your vehicles for you. 

By truly understanding the way in which your customers use platforms like ours and AutoTrader’s to choose the perfect vehicle for them, we make the buying journey easy, working together towards the ultimate end goal; an effortless purchase. 

Talk to us about becoming a 67 Degrees dealer 

When you sign up for a stunning website courtesy of the 67 Degrees team, we come with optional reinforcements: all our fantastic partners! AutoTrader is just one of these integrations, and we’d love to find out more about how our relationship with them can transform the way you sell cars as much as a shiny new online forecourt can. 

Whether you’re an existing 67 Degrees customer or you’re merely flirting with the idea (it is that time of year after all), give us a shout with any questions; we’ll be happy to talk you through things. 

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