The Benefits of Facebook Advertising

July 21, 2022

Back in the day when you had money to spend on advertising your business, you’d create flyers, billboard ads, or maybe even a catchy jingle for the radio. Now though, in the age of social media, and particularly when it comes to Facebook, shouting about your business is a whole lot easier – and cheaper! 

Whilst posting organically (that means posts that don’t cost anything) on social media has, until recently, been enough to attract attention to your business, the way social media works has changed, and paid adverts pay off. We’ve talked before about what to post on social media, but you can take it one step further with paid Facebook ads; something we know all about at 67 Degrees.

How does Facebook advertising work? 

You’ll have probably noticed it on your own personal Facebook feed; you’re served adverts for things you’re likely to be interested in or have consciously searched or visited the website for. This is because Facebook advertising works by targeting users based on location, profile information and demographics. Create an advertising campaign with ads within it, set a budget, and your ads will be pushed out to the audience you select – that’s when the magic happens!  

What are the benefits of Facebook advertising? 

There are countless benefits of Facebook advertising – it’s why we take it on for many of our 67 Degrees dealers. Here are just some of the ways in which Facebook ads work to benefit your business… 

Target your audience

To put it simply, you pay to put your ad in front of an audience that you get to carefully select. Unlike advertising of old, only people who are likely to have an interest in the kind of business you run, or have already expressed it, will see your ad, as opposed to just putting it out there and hoping the people who need you stumble across it!  

You can choose your audience based on age, location, interests, behaviour, and connections. You can even target someone’s job title, for example! This enables you to get really specific about the kind of person you’re reaching with your ads. You can even create lookalike audiences, meaning that your ads get served to people who match the profile of your best customers. 

Choose your objective 

Your business will need different things from its advertising campaigns at different times, and Facebook is all set up to cater for them. From increasing visibility with brand awareness to driving web traffic, leads and sales, you can choose what you want your ad to achieve, and the way the ad is pushed out will be adapted accordingly.   

Retarget web visitors

This is what excites a lot of our dealers – Facebook can cleverly tell when someone has already visited your site and can serve them an ad on their Facebook feed to give them a gentle reminder about you. Those stylish SUVs they were browsing on their lunch break? There they are again as they scroll their socials in the evening! 

There are many schools of marketing that refer to the customer touchpoints required to prompt a purchase, and this acts as one of them. If your customer is still in the consideration stage, you can leapfrog the competition and provide a pathway back to your website. 

Rocket your reach 

It’s indisputable – Facebook ads put you in front of people that may otherwise never have found you, and what a waste that would be! Take one of our 67 Degrees dealers, St Michaels Garage, for example. The Sell Your Car campaign that we ran for them reached 141,000 people over three months. Just think of the proportion of those people that you could convert into customers. It’s an exciting prospect!

A sturdy analytics platform 

Updated in real-time, the analysis of your ads that Facebook provides can give you a real insight into how your ads are performing so that you can make adjustments as necessary. These aren’t stats that are hidden behind a paywall either – all the information is available to you at any time, and in a lot of detail too, which allows you to get the best from your advertising efforts. You could say we’re data geeks here at 67 Degrees, so you’ll often find us getting excited about these stats! 

Better for your budget 

Compared to those old-school methods we talked about earlier, advertising on Facebook does come out cheaper. You can still get a decent cost-per-click from a couple of hundred pounds of ad spend with the right creative and audience. 

Branch beyond the feed 

Facebook doesn’t just put your advert within newsfeeds. It can adapt your ad and serve it across Instagram too, even putting it in Stories, where a lot of us spend our scrolling time these days. 

Get creative

The beauty of Facebook ads (quite literally) is that you can brand them up and really make them stand out. Making all your designs cohesive and fit for purpose is the fun bit of creating ads, and the nature of social media means you don’t have to commit to one design as you would with traditional marketing methods. 

There are plenty more benefits of Facebook marketing, but these are the ones that really appeal to our dealers. Great looking adverts in front of the people who are most likely to convert, live reports on ad performance, and all for great value; it’s a bit of a no-brainer if you’re looking to take your dealership to the next level. 

How can 67 Degrees help? 

Whilst there are, clearly, lots of reasons why you should be advertising on Facebook, we understand that it’s quite a bit for you to get your head around – not to mention a use of the time that could be better spent selling cars! That’s why many of the dealers that make the sensible decision to have a 67 Degrees website also leave their Facebook advertising in our capable hands. 

We take on board our dealer’s objectives, who their audience is, and get to work creating adverts that give a great ROI. It’s win-win! 

Interested in upgrading your online presence with 67 Degrees? Get in touch – we’d love to hear from you. 

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