The Cardening Craze

June 30, 2021

Are you a lover or hater of the latest trend?

The pandemic has given a boost to all sorts of hobbies and whilst houseplants took over in 2020, the latest trend taking the internet by storm is ‘cardening’, which is just as it sounds, gardening in your car!

Here at 67 Degrees, our office is adorned in many plants, so of course, we had a go at decorating our dashboards. What do you think, road rage relief or just downright daft?

How did ‘cardening’ begin?

In the “flower power” generation in the 60s, the original Volkswagen Beetle had a vase built into the interior, although the more modern models have faux sunflowers attached. Scented flowers were the original air freshers. 

The Japanese have gone a step further than the dashboard gardens and have landscaped old vans and trucks into elaborate displays – some creations even including working fountains! It’s become so popular that there is now an annual Kei Truck Garden Contest, which brings a whole other level to ‘cardening’.

What are the best plants to grow in your car?

Surprisingly it’s not quite as simple as popping a cornflower in your cup holder. The plants of choice for a greenhouse-on-the-go tend to be cacti and succulents as they can withstand the dramatic temperature changes and others such as:

  • Air Plants
  • Succulents
  • String of Pearls
  • Small Palms
  • Cacti
  • Snake Plants

After trialling this trend, here are a few of our tips if you are considering creating your own car jungle:

  • Firstly, anti-slip mats are your best friend. It doesn’t bear thinking about the carnage after a sudden stop and all those cacti going flying! Make sure all soil is densely packed and greenery is securely planted.
  • Think about drainage. We would suggest lining the surface with plastic twice and affixing it with double-sided tape to avoid any water damage.
  • As beautiful as these dashboard decorations look, keep it at a low height so it doesn’t block your view in any way or get tangled up on your gear stick.
  • Keep a small spray bottle of water in your glove box to keep your plants alive and spritz as needed, realistically no-one is going to keep a watering can in their car boot.

Ready to take your plant obsession to the next level? Maybe ‘cardening’ is for you. Would you try the trend and shrub-up your car? Why not give it a go like we did and share your pics with us!

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