The Most Popular Car Colour in the UK

May 4, 2023

Here at 67 Degrees, we may well geek out about web design and development, and a lot of us are F1 connoisseurs, but we’re also big appreciators of the basic elements of our cars that make them personal, making or breaking the way we feel about them – and that includes the rainbow of colours that they come in! 

You might have gathered by now that data is our love language, so car colour popularity in the UK is something we needed numbers on – and SMMT delivered. We see our customer’s stock daily while we design online showrooms and hook up feeds, so we see the full spectrum of colours available – but what colour is it that sells the most? 

Well, we’re here to reveal the most popular car colour in the UK. Do you own one? It’s time to find out… 

What’s the most popular colour car in the UK? 

If you were already aware of 2022’s most popular colour (and what it’s been for the four years prior to that), you may not be surprised to learn that the most popular car colour in the UK is grey! It’s the 5th year of monochrome reign. 

A huge QUARTER of new cars sold in the UK in 2022 were grey – 415,199 to be exact. 

In fact, grey came out as the favourite in all but one county in the UK. In the Scottish Borders, blue voted top, but grey wasn’t far away – it still reached second place. 

If you prefer a neutral car, like best-selling grey, or black or white, you’re not the only one; it has been reported that 62.5% of new cars in the UK sold last year were black, white, or grey. We’re a big fan of cohesion in colour palettes, so a traffic jam made up of these would look pretty cool as far as we’re concerned. 

It has been suggested that less colourful cars have become more popular due to the limited risk to their resale value. Colours are very trend-dependent, whereas monochrome never really goes out of style. 

Here are the UK’s popular colours from most to least… 

Grey – 415,199 cars – 25.7% of all new cars sold

Black: 324,993 cars – 20.1% of all new cars sold

White: 268,886 cars – 16.7% of all new cars sold

Blue: 259,950 cars – 16% of all new cars sold

Red: 136,793 cars – 8.5% of all new cars sold

Silver: 98,549 cars – 6.1% of all new cars sold

Green: 31,220 cars – 1.9 % – up 74.2% on last year!

Orange: 19,403 cars – 1.2% of all new cars sold

Yellow: 10,662 cars – 0.7% of all new cars sold

Bronze: 7,800 cars – 0.5% of all new cars sold

What’s the UK’s least popular car colour car? 

So we know the winner, but which are the losing colours? 

Pink, cream and maroon didn’t do so well – these combined only amounted to 1% of all new cars sold in the UK in 2022. Even colours such as yellow, orange, bronze, turquoise and mauve did better – we must admit, we haven’t exactly seen many pink machines zipping around on the UK’s roads lately. 

Some of our favourite grey cars from our dealers…

We’ll admit it, we’ll take any excuse to have a nose around at the best of our dealer’s stock, and this article is no exception; here are some of the used grey cars that have caught our attention recently on the forecourts of some of our dealers…

BMW M4 at Matt Johnson Prestige

Mercedes-Benz C-Class at West Motors

Skoda Octavia at Carlingo

Mercedes-Benz E Class at Classic Chrome (classics can be on-trend too!)

Audi TT at Church’s Performance Cars

Choose 67 Degrees, whatever your colour scheme

We’ve designed websites using every conceivable colour out there, from the bright colours enjoyed by Off The Driveway and 1 Stop Car Sales, to the cool and monochrome styling with a pop of colour for Tamar Caravan Centre and GKirby Collection

Whatever your vision, we can help make it a reality – chat to us, we’ll inject some colour into your online presence as subtly as you want!

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