The Power Of Page Content

November 24, 2022

As a website provider with plenty of experience under our belts, we see and feel the impact of a good website design; it really does have the power to capture attention. Visuals definitely matter! However, our job ultimately is to appeal to a customer and prompt a purchase; and we know that this can’t usually be done by design alone. That’s where your page content comes in… 

When we talk about page content, we’re referring specifically to the text that appears on each of your web pages. It’s the opportunity you take to talk to your customer, to let them know what you’re all about, and what they should do next. It’s very possible for a great website to be let down by poor content, and it’s something our in-house content team works to prevent for our customers here at 67 Degrees.  

Your page content may be an area that can initially seem easy to neglect, but we’d urge you not to. Here’s why…  

Why should you care about your page content? 

It communicates your brand identity

We talked recently about the importance of personal branding for your dealership, and your page content is a way in which you can send this message to your customers. By carefully choosing your words and the structure of your sentences, you can make your text read in the same way you’d speak, putting your customers at ease, and making them feel like they know you before they meet you. 

It converts your customers 

We know that there are several reasons why your customers should choose you over the competition, but is your website telling them? If a customer’s first impression of you is your website, chances are you’ll have to start from scratch with how great you are – so shout about it! Mention your USPs, what your customers say about you, and how you look after each and every person that comes through those showroom doors. Make it impossible for them to resist! 

It helps people find you 

You know about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), right? If you don’t, you should; it’s how your customers find you by searching online. When you use Google, you search for certain terms, so you want your page content to naturally include terms that your audience will be searching for too. 

There are other ways in which you can prime your content to top those search engine results, which leads us neatly on to… 

How can you improve your website’s page content? 

Do your SEO research and implement best practice

We’ve already talked about including keywords in your content, and it’s important to stress that these should occur naturally in your content. ‘Keyword stuffing’ is a no-no as far as Google is concerned, and your site will be penalised if your content is clearly rammed full of keywords. Google prioritises readability above all, so it pays to remember this. 

Google picks up on these keywords by crawling each page individually, and elements such as headings and internal links tell them what content to prioritise. Not only this, but headings provide some much-needed page structure, and internal links help users navigate around the site to relevant pages. 

Make your tone of voice consistent

If you’re punchy on the home page but ramble on your finance page, it will jar with the reader; these subtle details matter and inconsistencies muddle your brand voice, making you less memorable. Taking a broad view of every page and regularly updating them all at once can help tie it all together with a brand identity that stands out. 

Include clear calls to action 

At the end of the day, you want your customer to take action. But how do they know which path to take? Your content should point them in the right direction, so whether it’s ‘get in touch’, ‘get a valuation’, ‘reserve online’ or ‘browse our stock’, the next step is clear for your customer on each page. 

Update your page content regularly 

Google LOVES fresh content – it shows that your site is alive and well. At 67 Degrees, we recommend a content refresh every 2-3 years, which also gives you a chance to reevaluate your brand and USPs. Blog content is a great way to keep things moving on the site, as publishing new pages regularly often isn’t feasible!

Enlist the help of 67 Degrees 

Let’s face it, selling cars is what you do, and it’s likely you’re fairly busy with that a lot of the time! Your page content deserves time and dedication, and it’s something our content team can handle on behalf of 67 Degrees website customers. In fact, we love to work on words with our dealers. 

We understand that your page content needs to be a reflection of your business ethos, so our content rewrite process includes an initial discovery call to really get under the skin of things. We start with an SEO audit too, to highlight opportunities for improvements, and to discover keywords that we can work into the content. 

If you’re a 67 Degrees dealer, talk to us about refreshing the content to keep your website in Google’s good books and represent your brand online. If you’re not with 67 Degrees yet, you’re in for a treat; there’s a whole new level for your business to unlock! Find out more about what we do for our dealers through award-winning web design. 

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