Tips for Better Vehicle Photography

January 26, 2023

As web designers and developers that operate exclusively for the automotive industry, you could say that we’re something of vehicle photography connoisseurs – we see a huge range of stock on a daily basis. We know what it is to run a busy business, and sometimes, haste to get the car up and advertised can come at the cost of showing the car in its best light – and we hate to see it! 

Since the pandemic, online shopping has gone up a notch, and this includes those looking for their next set of wheels. While most customers still prefer the blended approach to buying, this process still starts online before progressing to the dealership, and it’s this photography that will capture their interest. 

Therefore, outstanding vehicle photography sells cars, this much we can tell you for a fact. Contrary to the point-and-shoot method that can mean the beauty of each vehicle gets lost, it takes time and effort to get it right and keep it consistent. 

We’ve put together some top tips for vehicle photography that will make your online listings really pop, from short and sweet runarounds to that prestige pride and joy… 

Give the car some love

Great vehicle photography starts with the car itself; it needs to sparkle. Ensuring a car looks tip top will shine through in the photos, so it’s worth putting a cloth to good use and sprucing things up. Pay attention to alloys, lights, glass, and, of course, the interior, as well as the obvious paintwork. 

Invest in your equipment 

If you’re in a position to do so, we’d really recommend investing in the equipment you need to take knock-out photos. This ranges from a decent camera to capture your car’s best side, to a dedicated turntable that will not only make taking photos easier, but give your customer a 360-degree view of it too. 

Choose your location carefully 

67 Degrees dealers prove to us that vehicle photography works both inside and outside, but there are a couple of basic principles to both approaches that will keep your cars looking good online. 

The first is a plain backdrop. Some dealers have a photography area, or simply a favoured wall that provides a blank canvas against which their cars can speak for themselves. 

If you’re heading outside, make sure the background isn’t too busy, or has people in it, for example. Snow or bare trees can really date your stock too, so stay away from any markers of seasonality, just in case the car doesn’t speed off into the sunset as quickly as you might hope. 

The second is good light. If you’re outside, a dry overcast day is best; shooting into the sun or catching glare off the paintwork distracts from the car itself. 

If you’re indoors, make sure the car is adequately lit, investing in studio-style lights if possible to keep the light even. 

Cover all the angles 

Within reason, you can never take too many photos of a car – customers love to get a real feel for every aspect of their potential new set of wheels. Taking care not to shoot from too high or too low, show the car off from every angle, as well as capture the interior, including the centre console, display, and controls. 

Get a website to match 

It’s no good having cracking photos on a not-so-cracking website! Your online presence needs to be cohesive, and when your website and photography work together, you’ve tapped into success for your car sales. 

Here at 67 Degrees, we create websites for car dealers up and down the country that do as much justice for the vehicles they sell as their photography does – have a chat with us today to find out how our designs can work for you. 

Get some inspiration

There are plenty of 67 Degrees dealers who know what they’re doing behind the camera; here are just some of our favourites…

Matt Johnson Prestige 

Once you’ve stopped drooling over the cars, you’ll see that Matt’s photography remains consistent, on brand, and puts the car front and centre. 


Carlingo is another brand that puts its outside space to good use; the dealership’s exterior wall is used here to provide a great backdrop on which their cars can stand out. They carefully pick those overcast days too! 

Spencers Car Sales

A compact corner is all Spencer’s Car Sales need to make their vehicles look fantastic, with a pale wall that reflects the light – it’s far from dark and dingy! 

Avalon Motor Company

We’re heading inside to see Avalon’s cars, and they’re proud to impress with their vehicle turntable, complete with neutral colours so that it’s the car your eyes are drawn to. 

The Hart Group 

Dark and dynamic is The Hart Group’s core aesthetic, and they’ve managed to incorporate this into their vehicle photography superbly, ensuring their photos are bright, light but still on brand. 

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