Video Marketing Strategy for your Dealership

October 26, 2022

The power of video for your dealership could be the differentiator between you and your competitors, and what better way to stand out than by promoting your personal brand through the medium of video…which doesn’t involve a Hollywood camera or fancy effects! Building out a strong video marketing strategy should be a focus for your dealership. If not, then you could be missing out on likes, followers and even customers…

Video is everywhere, it’s one of the most popular ways we consume content. Billboards are now turning digital, TikTok is a video-only social media platform and more people are creating marketing videos than ever before, mainly down to having a 4k camera in their pocket! Who would have thought in 1995 we’d be saying that?!

The thought of doing a video could be pretty daunting, right? It could be something completely out of the ordinary for you and you might not even know where to start. It doesn’t need to be a minefield, it ‘should’ be part of your overall social media strategy and form part of how you promote your dealership. 

If we look at Facebook and Instagram, 50% of the time spent on Facebook by consumers is browsing video. Two hours and 27 minutes is the average time spent across social media for a single person in 2022…and half of that is looking at videos! Reels are now extremely popular as short-form content; 50% of content shared on Instagram are Reels, so the moral of this story is as a dealership, you ‘should’ be posting videos.

Before you even start creating content with your phone or camera, you need to work on your video strategy, and you need to understand what your goal is for the videos you are creating.

Tips to build a video marketing strategy

  • Is the video to drive more enquiries?
  • Is it to drive brand awareness of your dealership?
  • Is it to increase your finance applications?

What is your differentiator to your closest competitors? Your USPs are the things that make you stand out compared to the other dealership down the road.

When it comes to the format of your video, there are many options. 

  • Short form content for social media – sub 30 seconds
  • Long form content – between 2-3 minutes
  • Vertical videos – reels – sub 15 seconds
  • Animation videos 

Mobile first content is now the most viewed content on social media. By mobile first we mean ‘vertical’ videos or ‘stories’. They look better on mobile because they fill the whole screen and have more impact when consumers are scrolling through their newsfeed. 

TIP – we would suggest shooting short vertical footage for your social media (Facebook, Instagram and TikTok)

Research is a key factor in finding out what is working already in your market. You can search on Facebook and Instagram by hashtags to see what is trending in that particular industry. When it comes to automotive there will be thousands of car related hashtags, and we know that people love looking at cars so this could be a huge opportunity for you to get seen by other people and promote your dealership. After all, that’s what video content is all for.

TIP – When it comes to videos on social media we would recommend the shorter the better. Anything longer than 1 minute and people will scroll past your video. You want to create something that is going to capture their attention and make them want to find out more information about your dealership. If you do have a longer video, why not host that on your website? That way you are teasing the consumer with some of the information.

Tips to create your video content

Now we have given some insights into building a video marketing strategy, now comes the fun part – creating your videos! Just like our social media tips article, there are so many different content ideas for video.

What content should we create?
Usually, the hardest thing to work out is what you want to shoot, but, seeing as you run a dealership, the answer is looking right at you…all your cars in stock! Here are some ideas on what you could be filming :-

  • Car of the week
    This should be easy content to create, quick short form content of up close footage of the vehicle and then sliced into a 15 second clip which goes through to the listing page on your website. Throwing keys in the air and then you’re sat in the driving seat. Have fun with the creative!
  • Walk around your showroom
    People like to be inquisitive, so show them your stock! Walk around with the phone and just like the car of the week video, shoot the footage in quirky angles and add some trending music.
  • Guess the car
    Gamification and engagement posts work well for some brands, so bringing in video elements to this will entice the consumer further. If you’re shooting with one of the latest iPhones, you can use ‘Cinematic’ mode to create some great shots of the car and get people to comment on what the car is – engagement drives users! 
  • ASMR
    Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response videos are a big deal, millions of people search for these videos online so why not try one. Opening car doors, turning the key, hearing the engine, playing with buttons and knobs on the car – this is basically ASMR.
  • Cleaning a car
    People love transformation videos, why not create a reel of a car that’s come in on part exchange and then cleaning different parts of the car? It also shows consumers that you take care of your stock

The plus side of doing short videos like any of the above is each clip doesn’t need to be longer than 5 seconds, which means you can try so many different variations and styles.

TIP – better creative drives better performance; always remember that.

What equipment should I be using?
This is something that always comes up time and time again. You don’t need to buy a £1000 camera with a fancy tripod and lighting to shoot videos for your social media. Consumers want to see real world footage, which is shot in first person – it builds better trust as people feel more connected to a brand if you’re actively posting weekly videos shot on phones (or look like they are shot on phones.)

Nowadays, everybody has a mobile phone and most will have a 1080p camera or even better, 4k capabilities. We would suggest investing in a tripod and a phone gimbal – both will be around £100-£150. This is all the equipment you need to start creating content. 

Below are some examples of equipment to get you started :-

Tripod Option 1 – £14.99
Gimbal Option 1 – £95.99
Tripod Option 2 – £16.00
Gimbal Option 2 – £39.00

Using trending music & hashtags
Creating the video is one thing, but now is the perfect time to search the top music to add to your video and the right hashtags.

When using hashtags for your posts, we would recommend using around 10-15. This will be a mixture of brand hashtags and the content relating to that post. For example, if I created a video showcasing a Range Rover Sport we had in stock, these are the hashtags I would be using :-

#67degrees #rangeroversport #rangerover #rangeroverevoqe #newcar #luxury #sportscar #suv #4×4 #dealership #newcar #landrover #cars #carlifestyle 

When it comes to music, on TikTok and Instagram you can search for trending music directly on the platform. Millions of people are using trending music which means your video could be seen by those people. Having a strong social media presence is key to any business and if you’re actively posting Reels or story content that users can see, it’s only going to drive more likes and followers on your page, meaning that consumers are likely to have more trust in you. 

How to create a Reel or story
When you’re creating your video content for your dealership, especially with short form content, you need to think about the structure – this is key. When it comes to ‘Reels’ or ‘Stories’, these are 15 seconds long, so we would suggest breaking up the content into 3 sections. 

  • First 3 seconds – a strong hook, attending grabbing title
  • Middle 8 seconds – the core messages you want to get across 
  • End 4 seconds – a clear CTA

Using templates on Instagram reels
Instagram has made it very easy for you to create your own Reels using videos you have already seen. It will beat match the music for you so all you need to do is upload your videos and bingo, you’ve created a mobile friendly video for your dealership in a matter of minutes! Planoly show you step by steps on how to save your Instagram reels. 

We hope after reading this article you now feel confident enough to pick up your phone and start creating some fun videos about your dealership and grow your online presence. If you would like any help with video content, paid social, media or marketing strategies for your dealership, please feel free to reach out to us and one of our marketing specialists will be happy to help.

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