Ways To Level Up Your Dealership in 2023

January 4, 2023

The new year’s been welcomed, the Christmas tree’s days are numbered, and the mince pies have been seen off; 2023 is well and truly here. We love a blank page here at 67 Degrees, as a brand new year gives us something to seriously sink our teeth into! We take a look at our goals and work out how to smash them by the end of the year – maybe you’re doing the same at your dealership? 

If you’re looking to maximise success in 2023 and take your car dealership up a gear, we’ve got a few suggestions up our sleeve that may just be the strategy you need to make this year your best. After all, we do work with successful dealerships up and down the country, and it’s been our pleasure to help their businesses fly over the past 6 (nearly 7) years – we don’t intend to stop now! 

Have you got any of the following on your resolution list this year? If not, find out why they should be there… 

Upgrade your website 

Well, we would say that, wouldn’t we? And for good reason – your online presence is as important as your physical one! Would you visit a business’s premises for the first time without at least taking a peek at them online? Neither would your customers; your website is more often than not the first impression they get, so make it count. 

From a design that portrays your brand and vehicle pages that show off your stock to a platform that performs for both you and your customer, every detail counts, as we know all too well at 67 Degrees. In fact, our expertise in this area has won us awards, so we know what works for a range of car dealerships, from small independents to large supermarkets and franchise businesses.

We would be so excited to transform the way your customers fall in love with your ethos and, ultimately, your vehicles, so let us help – find out more about our award-winning web design and get in touch. 

Refresh your page content 

Did you know that your page content (that’s the text on your website) should be refreshed every 2-3 years? Now you do, and whilst neglecting this area of your online presence is easily done, it can have a knock-on effect on your online performance. 

Google regularly crawls every page of your site, and it LOVES fresh content, so it’s going to prioritise websites that are proven to be alive and kicking through updated text. Leaving your content to stagnate means you run the risk of slipping down the Google search rankings, creating a gap into which your competitors can sneak. 

Our content specialists work on page content for our 67 Degrees dealers in order to make sure the words are working for them, so if you’re thinking of upgrading your website, you can opt for this service too. You’re busy selling cars, so we can well imagine you might not have time to write pages of content – leave it to us!

Build on your blog 

Remember what we said about Google loving fresh content? Regularly writing blog posts is a great way to get new text on your website on a weekly or monthly basis. It also establishes your dealership as an authority within the industry, earning you clicks to your website because your blogs are informative and interesting. Each blog post is also an extra opportunity to rank for certain key terms relevant to your business – it’s a win-win! 

This is something that falls within the remit of our content specialists for 67 Degrees dealers too – they put together a content strategy based on your business’s target keywords, location, and industry news, implementing it at intervals of your choice. 

Get social 

If you’re not on social media, where have you been? People aged between 20-25 are likely to visit a Facebook or Instagram page over visiting your website, and they’re not exceptions to the rule – we think you’ll find that many people do some social media research before they commit to a purchase. We know it’s daunting to keep up with the rapidly changing social landscape, but marketing via social media remains essential for you to get to grips with. 

Whilst we believe that organic social media posts (that’s ones you post for free without paying) are best coming authentically from the dealership itself, we certainly manage the paid Facebook and Instagram advertising for 67 Degrees dealers. We get some brilliant results!  

Sort your SEO 

How do your customers find you? If even a portion of your footfall comes from Google searches, you need to consider how well your website gets you to the top of search results. Does your content naturally feature keywords? Are your titles optimised? How many inbound links does your website get? These are all things that our SEO team can handle on your behalf, giving you the best chance of rising through the ranks, and being the first site your customers click on. 

Work on your personal brand 

Looking to put a bit more of you behind your business? Does your personality put the customers you meet at ease and make their decision to buy with you an easy one? It’s time to channel that into your online brand. We’ve talked before about the importance of personal branding to your dealership, and it’s definitely something to consider in 2023 if you want to level up. 

Need a hand? 

You’ve got some fantastic ideas, and a vision of where you want to get your dealership to by the end of the year, and we’ve got the enthusiasm, resource and experience to help get you there. It all starts with upgrading your online forecourt with 67 Degrees, and the rest flows effortlessly from there. Chat to us; we’d love to be on your team.

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