We’re Celebrating International Women’s Day

March 8, 2021

International Women’s Day (IWD) 2021 is here and it’s all about celebrating women’s achievements and raising awareness against gender bias. How can we collectively forge a gender equal world and take action for equality? IWD looks to address these issues and more.  

Working within automotive comes with its own gender challenges in what is typically a male-dominated industry, but that is gradually changing. We’re fully supportive of this shift and we’re doing our own bit too…  

We’re proud to be represented by a team of inspiring women who help drive 67 Degrees to success. In fact, 70% of the team here are female; led by our very own Co-founder and CEO, Laura Coleby. We’re bucking the trend and contributing towards a more diverse culture of acceptance and support, regardless of gender. 

So let’s take a look at the stats. A recent study of women in the automotive industry shows that only around 13% of the total workforce is represented by women. Breaking that down further, only 14% of those women are employed in the manufacture of motor vehicles. When it comes to motorsport the statistics get even worse, as only 1% of racing drivers are women.

But all that is set to change. We’re already seeing positive changes in the industry’s attitude towards employing women. Here at 67 Degrees, we are extremely proud of our female contingent and providing an environment which is welcoming and supportive to all.

Bucking the Trend

So what does being a woman in the automotive industry mean to us? Here’s what some of the team had to say… 

Jo Wood, Key Account Manager, says: “It’s not all about selling or fixing cars. There’s a wide variety of roles for all in this fun and fast-paced environment. Women can be just as interested in wheels as men, and so they should have an equal opportunity to develop their skills whilst following their passion.

“In my own experience, I have enjoyed working alongside some inspiring female colleagues; from mechanics to accountants. My best friendships have also resulted from the motor trade!”

Lauren Bayross Payne, Social Media Executive, says: “I find it really empowering to be a woman working in the automotive industry. My dad is a car fanatic who works in car sales, so I’ve grown up with cars being a big part of my upbringing. I’ve always felt lucky to have had this exposure to a predominantly male-dominated industry.

“I love that our team is diverse and there’s an amazing culture within the business where female talent is celebrated and nurtured.” 

Susie Ancell, Account Manager, says: “I’ve worked in the automotive industry for quite a few years now and have always felt really empowered in my role here at 67 Degrees. This feeling is such a great motivator and a positive message to the industry as a whole.”

Our Co-founder and CEO, Laura Coleby, adds: “Our strong female presence is part of what makes 67 Degrees so special. We’re a unique set of people, offering a diverse set of skills dedicated to creating award-winning website design and marketing services to the automotive industry.

“I am very proud to run a business which is bucking the trend and re-balancing the gender scales in favour of females in the automotive industry.”  

If you’re a woman working within automotive, then check out Women at the Wheel which is a community dedicated to driving greater gender diversity and inclusion in the next generation of automotive industry leaders. Membership is free and open to everyone – click here to find out more.  

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