What Should You Be Posting on Social Media?

July 1, 2022

It’s no secret that your social media can go hand in hand with your website in terms of a positive impact on your pocket. Research has found that over 50% of consumers rely on social media to guide purchasing decisions, and many check a brand’s social media presence before confirming a purchase; it’s a stone that cannot be left unturned. People aged between 20-25 are likely to visit a Facebook or Instagram page over visiting your website – that’s huge news!

Whilst it can feel like a struggle to keep up with the rapidly changing online landscape, the concept of marketing via social media remains essential for businesses to grasp. There’s so much potential to reach the screens of your customers, with the average time spent on social media each day at 2 hours and 17 minutes (a little longer for us at 67 Degrees – all in the name of research, of course!) 

However, taking your first steps into the world of social media for your car dealership can be daunting, and what you post needs to show your greatness. As well as award-winning website providers, 67 Degrees are savvy social media experts too! We’ve got a knack for knowing what works for dealers to generate leads, increase engagement, and spread the word about your brand.

If you’re considering using social media for your car dealership, read on to discover how you should tackle what is arguably the most powerful marketing tool at your fingertips…  

What social media platforms should my dealership use? 

There are a lot of platforms out there, right? Cutting through the noise, there are a few to consider above all others, with some obvious main players, plus a relative newcomer that you’ve probably heard quite a bit about since 2020… 


Now sitting under the Meta umbrella, Facebook has long been an essential part of social media marketing strategies for all kinds of businesses. Over 51 million people in the UK were Facebook users at the end of 2021! Through organic posts (ones that are free to create), you can connect on a mainly local level with your customers, and show that your dealership is active. 

You can get involved in paid advertising too, to reach people that may otherwise not have found you, or were even recently on your website and may feel tempted to return! This is what we look after for many of our customers at 67 Degrees – you can find out more about that here


Ah, the Instagram feed. There’s nowhere else that photos of your stunning stock would look quite so good – apart from on your 67 Degrees website, obviously! The grid really is the place for great imagery, and Stories provide a bit of behind-the-scenes action for your followers. 46% of the UK population have an Instagram account, and you’ve got a greater chance of reaching customers further afield here, so use it! 


Have you got things to say about the automotive industry? LinkedIn is the professional platform for it, used mainly for career development, networking and as a place to learn. Think thought-leadership pieces, sharing any blog posts you’ve written, and tactful opinions; you’re amongst peers here. 


Whilst you haven’t seen the 67 Degrees team dancing, miming or singing just yet (not on social media, anyway), we know that TikTok can absolutely skyrocket a business’s reach through short-form videos. For content that really humanises your brand, TikTok is a platform to play around with. 

What should I post on social media? 

Whilst the possibilities are pretty much endless, and new forms of content evolve as social media does too, there are some post types that we’ve tried and tested with our dealers that we know work. What we’re about to tell you isn’t rocket science; approach it like you would the way you talk to anyone about your dealership. Posting across social media is just the same, and using a blend of these across your chosen platforms is a recipe for car dealer social success… 

Dealership content

This is your sales-y bit; stock posts, offers you may have running, finance promotions, and cars that you’ve sold. Mix it up with photos, videos and graphics; something to really catch the eye mid-scroll. 

Top tip: Add your logo and brand colours to any images and graphics you use – this will make your feed instantly recognisable and cohesive!

Personal branding content

We stand by the saying ‘people buy from people’ – it’s worked for us, and it works for our dealers too! Content that puts faces to the brand name really connects you with your customers. So, consider showing the people behind the dealership, the work that different departments do, any work anniversaries, and fun stuff that the team get up to. 

Top tip: Use features such as Instagram Stories to inject some personality without the pressure of it being on your socials forever! 

Fun content

Competitions and gamification posts are a great way of generating organic engagement. Social media works on algorithms that prioritise popular content, so if you’re encouraging likes, shares and comments, you’re likely to be shown to more potential customers.  

Video content

For a true connection with your audience, video is king. Customers will feel like they already know you if you regularly make video appearances, making the buying process a whole lot more of a no-brainer. This is why more and more dealerships are starting to use video on a weekly basis. Incredibly, it’s reported that viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to 10% when reading it in the text! 

How can I take my social media marketing up a level? 

Social media is a free way to market your business and build a solid brand presence online. If you’re not doing it, you could be missing out on a huge potential new audience.

It is possible, though, to go one step further and get serious about generating traffic to your website and enquiries about your stock and services. It’s called paid social media advertising, and we manage it for many of our dealers here at 67 Degrees!

Paid ads push your offerings out to carefully targeted audiences in line with your business objectives and on a budget set by you. We look after paid social campaigns for car dealerships of all sizes, creating branded graphics and reaching audiences beyond the capabilities of many other marketing strategies.

Want to see how other dealerships are using paid social? Take a look at some stats and get in touch to find out more here. We can kick your marketing efforts into high gear – let us show you how.

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