Why Is Personal Branding Important For a Car Dealership?

November 17, 2022

The automotive industry is a busy place, and you’ll no doubt have come across the challenges that trying to stand out in the sector presents. At 67 Degrees, we work with car dealerships up and down the country, so we know that each one has its own USPs, its own personality, its own story. But how does that singularity get communicated in a noisy room? It’s all down to personal brand – and we’re keen to tell you why you and your dealership should have one. 

What is a personal brand? 

First things first, it’s important to understand that personal brand differs from your branding. That’s things like your logo, colour scheme and signage. Whilst they are, of course, vital to the impression your business creates, what’s inside counts too – and it’s this that personal branding represents. 

Personal branding creates an identity for your business, and demonstrates what you and the organisation as a whole stands for. It’s the years of experience and passion you have and the service that allows you to offer. It’s also your own personality coupled with the energy you want your business to exude. 

Why do you need a personal brand as a car dealer? 

A personal brand is your way to make a connection with your customers and target audience and enables you to stand out from the crowd. Through a personal brand, you can remain memorable, and appear approachable. This is crucial for those who aren’t looking for a car right now, but are due to upgrade in the future. They’ll remember you over the competition when your values stick in their mind and come from a genuine place. 

Where can you use your personal brand? 

Your personal brand isn’t a document you need to display; it’s a foundation on which both your internal and external communications are built. 

For example, the way your website works can be a reflection of your brand; do you truly believe in giving your customers plenty of choices? Then lots of calls to action and a clear menu is a priority for your online space. 

Not only this, but marketing activities such as on and offline ads and social media are a great way in which to show your personal brand. Even interviews that you do or press releases you put together can be an opportunity to get it across. See your personal brand as a framework that ensures consistency across every touch point for your customers.  

Is it just the business owner that can use your personal brand?

Not at all! Whilst the brand is likely to centre around the personality and values of you as the business owner, it’s beneficial for all your staff to fully digest it. It’s wise to put it in place across the business to ensure the message that everyone is sending is the right one.

5 ways to develop your personal brand

Decide what you want to be known for 

Really boil down your core values here, and decide what it is that you want to stick in your customers’ minds for. Is it a specialism in a particular marque or class of car? Is it ultra-personal service? Maybe it’s pre-sale checks and preparations that go on behind the scenes. Whatever it is that you pride yourself on in your business is what goes into your personal brand. 

See what your customers already say about your business 

Take a look through your reviews and see what comes up frequently – maybe you’ll notice a theme for return business! Seeing the trends in your customer reviews lets you know what’s shining through for the people that end up completing a sales.

Tell your story

Through your web page content, blogs and social media, your customers can get a true sense of where you’ve come from and why you do what you do. They’ll feel like they know you already! Take these opportunities to tell your story and therefore foster familiarity and trust with your customers.

Be genuine 

We’ve said it time and again: people buy from people, and sincerity is obvious from a mile off. Representing the values that truly matter to you will shine through in everything you do. Trying to push an attitude that you don’t fully believe in will see your brand fall short in the eyes of your customers.

Stay consistent 

They say it takes 7 contacts with a business before a customer commits their hard-earned cash; make sure those 7 contacts leave them with the same positive impression. These contacts could be a call to your dealership, a visit to your website, seeing a paid Facebook ad, or reading an interview you’ve done after winning an award – the possibilities are endless! 

Make sure that the customer is understanding more and more about your personal brand with each contact, without picking up on inconsistencies.  

Bring your personal brand online with 67 Degrees 

The 67 Degrees family is full of successful dealers with strong personal brands that we’ve been only too happy to enhance with our services. Our core offering is award-winning website design that matches a business’s ethos and customer needs. From this flows page content, blog content and paid social media activity. We can help with all these opportunities to help communicate your personal brand! 

Interested in taking your car dealership to the next level with an online presence that represents your personal brand? Get in touch today – we’d love to help. 

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