Why Your Dealership Needs a Blog – And How To Create The Right Content

April 5, 2023

Wouldn’t it be nice to improve your SEO, have more to share on social media, and stand out in the industry as a knowledgeable dealer with their finger on the pulse? We’re here to tell you that blogs can do ALL this. 

As a busy car dealer, you’ll be a big fan of working efficiently, and ideally, your marketing tasks will do several jobs at once. If you thought social media was the be-all and end-all of spreading the word, as well as all you needed to do to tick ‘marketing’ off your long to-do list, we beg to differ. Blogs are an extra something for you to tackle, but we promise they do a lot of hard work.

As a marketing agency with a fair grasp on what works and what doesn’t in the automotive industry (we do live and breathe it, after all), we’ve seen the way blog articles can be an instrumental part of marketing strategies for dealerships large and small. They’re far from being just a nice-to-have!

Don’t let the blank page overwhelm you; here we’ll explain why blogs win online, and how you can create them to put your dealership firmly on the map. 

What is a blog? 

Usually written in a more conversational style than your static page content, your blog is a section of your website dedicated to regularly uploaded articles, which can be about pretty much any topic you like. 

What can blogs do for my dealership? 

Establish authority

You’ve got a wealth of experience and a head full of car-based knowledge, right? Blogs go beyond reassuring your customers of this in a ‘show, don’t tell’ kind of way. They demonstrate that you know what you’re talking about when it comes to the topics you choose to expand on, and that you’re on top of what’s going on in the automotive industry. 

Your marketing should work to earn potential customers’ trust, and blog articles can make you an obvious choice for such an important purchase. 

Showcase your stock 

At the end of the day, your business exists to sell cars, and you’ve got a forecourt full of vehicles that meet a wide variety of needs. There are probably family cars, sporty two-seaters, and commuter-friendly runarounds amongst your stock; and each of those categories can be made into a blog article! 

Why not talk about your top 5 SUVs, or feature a manufacturer whose models you have a lot of right now? 

Support your SEO 

This is a big one; Google loves fresh content. We’ve talked before about the power of your page content, but once your website text is up to date, it’s not feasible or appropriate to constantly add pages to keep Google happy; blogs provide the solution. A blog page can be updated frequently, giving Google something new to index, marking your site as one that is bang up to date. 

Not only this, but what’s written in the blog content matters too; this is what will make this content searchable. The right keywords allow your blog articles to be discovered in search results, ramping up those views as you rank for what your customers type into the search bar. 

Get new eyes on your business

In addition to appearing in your customers’ Google searches, you can also share your articles on social media, which, if good quality, generate more shares, and therefore more clicks through to your site. Other sites may even link to your articles as an authoritative source, which, let us tell you, makes our SEO team very happy indeed! 

How to create blogs for your dealership that work

Create a mixture of content

A winning blog strategy relies on a healthy blend of content, and we’d strongly advise against constant, in-your-face promotion; this isn’t going to rank well on Google, as it’s unlikely to be of much use to readers. Think about what your customers want and need to read. Our content team recommend the following categories as starting points for your blog plan: 

  • Industry news 

There are always new schemes, bits of legislation, law changes and car news that hit the headlines, and each one is an opportunity to educate your audience – it makes you discoverable under those hot topics too. 

Whether it’s ULEZ, electric car tax, APR rates or model changes, there’s plenty to talk about in the automotive sphere. 

  • Feature the cars you have in stock 

As we mentioned earlier, you can get really creative about how to showcase your stock with your blog, explaining the benefits of each car, what the features are, and how it meets the needs of your customers. 

  • Tips and how-tos 

From buying a car and financing it to maintaining it and keeping running costs low (particularly in the current climate), your scope for helping your audience is vast here, and your blog is the ideal platform. A little bit of research and a well-structured article can provide incredibly useful, both for your reader and for your SEO efforts. 

  • Dealership updates  

This is where your promo comes in, so make sure you talk about offers, new releases and exciting announcements, including behind-the-scenes action to humanise your business. Often, a social post isn’t big enough for back stories, T&Cs and extra information in general, which is where a blog comes in really handy to link to. 

Make it relevant

As well as choosing topics that are ‘of the moment’, you’ll often find that with a top-performing piece of content, you can keep it updated too. Our content team regularly keep successful articles for our dealers up to date – such as ones that focus on ULEZ, number plate rules, and car safety tech as and when there are developments.

Write and structure it well 

A wall of text isn’t pretty, or enticing to read, so break your article down into manageable chunks, including headings so that the content flows. 

Include keywords and internal links

With our SEO hats on, we make sure that the articles we write for our dealers include relevant keywords and phrases that people are actually searching for, including location-based terms that attract local traffic. 

Harnessing our inner nerd, we tend to conduct competitor analysis for dealers that enlist our help for blogs. This enables us to see what competitors are ranking for that the dealer we’re working with isn’t yet – and then we’ll go after those search terms! 

Internal links (those are links within the article that point to different pages on your website) help Google prioritise your content, so it’s important to use those appropriately too.  

Share, share, share 

Have we mentioned this already? Only a bit! That’s because it’s SO important to share your blog articles on social media. The more views the article gets, the more Google will realise that it’s a great piece of content, and prioritise it in the search results. Promote it to an already-interested party (that’s your social media followers), to get the ball rolling. 

How often should I write blogs? 

Our content experts recommend at least once a month, but many of our clients opt for 2 or 4 a month, simply because they work so well, and we can do it for them! This leads us on to… 

How can 67 Degrees help me with my blog? 

Once you become a 67 Degrees dealer, the wealth of experience that our marketing team can offer you is at your fingertips. As well as paid social media experts, we have accomplished content writers too, who can manage your blog for you. They work with you to discover your priorities and devise content to complement them. 

The needs of each dealership are different, and we’re so proud of the blog articles that we create each month, with many ranking on page 1 of Google, and some that even achieve that much-celebrated Google snippet status. For example, for our friends at Wilsons, our content team has achieved a 50% success rate in securing the top spot on Page 1 of Google for the weekly articles they write. In the world of content and SEO, that’s incredible!  

Talk to us about levelling up to a 67 Degrees website, or, if you’re already part of the family, chat blogs with us; we’d like to skyrocket your website’s performance. 

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