Working From Home, Working For You

November 5, 2020

So it’s happened. Lockdown part two is here and we want to reassure you that we’re still making our customers our number one priority. 

In line with government guidance, we’re working from home during the initial four-week lockdown period. We’re making your business our business. This means that you’ll continue to receive the high-level of support and customer care that you’ve come to expect from us here at 67 Degrees

During this difficult time, we understand that you need our support now more than ever. Lockdown rules are a minefield, but the long and short of it is that from today (Thursday 5th December) until Wednesday 2nd December, car dealerships are required to close their showrooms and forecourts. 

However there is a glimmer of hope for many of you, as dealerships will be able to carry on offering online sales. This includes click and collect and home delivery options for customers. Legislation released by the government this week states:

  • Showrooms and other premises, including outdoor areas such as forecourts must close.
  • Click and collect services must be available to pre-ordered vehicles only.
  • The entire sale of a vehicle must be performed online or over the phone prior to collection or home delivery.
  • No business or sales transaction can take place on the premises – this includes paperwork which will need to be sent to the customer prior to the vehicle exchange.
  • The customer cannot enter your premises, so the vehicle handover must take place elsewhere – this can include petrol stations and car parks, for example, or an MOT/car repair centre if your dealership offers one. 

The legislation doesn’t come without its faults of course, but for now at least, the rules must be adhered to. The government has set out a step ladder level of fines for any dealership that doesn’t comply with the rules. These are: 

  • £1,000 fine for the first offence.
  • £2,000 fine for the second offence.
  • £4,000 fine for the third offence.
  • £10,000 fine for the fourth offence and subsequent offences. 

Although not everyone will agree with the guidance, we of course urge our customers to follow the rules. We’re here to help you implement changes to your website should you need them, including homepage banners, key messages, and more.

Please do get in touch with us via the usual channels, including your exclusive WhatsApp groups. In the meantime, stay safe and we look forward to seeing you again very soon. 

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