Bournemouth High Performance

A prestige dealership in the south

A templated website doesn’t have to be boring! Our template sites are designed to make an impact and provide the customer with everything they need to make an informed decision. Bournemouth High Performance required a website that was slick to look at, yet simple to use whilst reflecting the qualities of a specialist dealership.

Sean Wiltshire
About the dealership


Bournemouth High Performance specialises in the sale of sports, performance and prestige vehicles. Established in 2013, they set out to only sell the type of vehicles they themselves would be happy to drive. The independent dealership’s aim has always been to sell the best possible vehicles at the most competitive prices in the country.

Choosing to work on an appointment only basis, Bournemouth High Performance ensures each customer receives undivided one-on-one attention for a more personal buying experience.

April 2022
The Brief

We listen, then do

Undeniably dynamic, Bournemouth High Performance is a dealership whose brief included making an impact with a new website, refreshing its image and marking it out amongst the competition.

With models from manufacturers such as Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar, and BMW in stock, they needed their vehicle page to do them justice. There’s no room for boring with marques like these!

The objective of the new website was to thoroughly and accurately represent the brand, highlighting the business’s great reputation and creating a site that is straightforward to navigate through.

Elements such as a finance calculator and part exchange valuation needed to be easily found in order to bring customers a step further towards making an enquiry, creating leads through various calls to action.

The Results

How it's going

Through design that included customising our Delta template to incorporate the black brand colours, and adding the stunning video that Bournemouth High Performance supplied, we’ve achieved a homepage that is instantly impressive. It reflects the brand that this dealership has worked hard to build, and draws attention to key elements of the business with high-quality image blocks. It certainly oozes cool!

The online showroom continues the black theme, allowing the entire stock list to stand out before users filter down by their criteria, which can include a maximum monthly finance payment. Each vehicle detail page presents you with a large image of the car to kick off a scrolling gallery, as well as making technical information and a detailed description easy to see.

How did we do

Numbers of proven success

  • 110 enquiries were generated in the first 30 days of the new website launching

  • The website generated an extra 6,000 visitors in the first 3 months of the website launching

  • The website generated 30% more visitors MoM since launched

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