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I really enjoyed building the Carlingo website. A super slick brand that doesn't come across like your typical 'car dealer' website. We've seen some impressive gains on the website over the past few months since launching and are excited to see what happens next

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About the dealership


Brand new on the scene, Harrogate-based Carlingo have arrived with a relaxed car-buying experience high on their priority list, as well as a fresh way of approaching car sales. Their ethos is simple; just high-quality cars at fair and affordable prices.

‘We want to help you buy a car, not sell you one’ is a line on Carlingo’s website that really sums up what the team are all about – a no-pressure environment, with every care taken to match you with the right car.

May 2022
The Brief

We listen, then do

Carlingo’s new showroom is a little bit different to the typical, which was the thread they wanted to weave through their website too; a cool, chilled vibe needed to unify both their physical and online presence. A strong structure was another box to tick, alongside plenty of white space and large header images.

Like all our dealers though, it wasn’t just the aesthetic capabilities of our platform that appealed to the Carlingo team – the site needed to perform for both them and their customers too, making it as easy as possible to get to know their potential new vehicle.

The Results

How it's going

‘Our cars speak for themselves’ is the Carlingo tagline, and this has translated into a website with subtle design elements that let the stock do all the talking. Sometimes it’s the simple things in life which work best, and that’s what the Carlingo website is all about – it not only makes a point, but it gets to the point too and looks good in the process.

The individual vehicle details pages are the real opportunity to experience the magic that happens when clear design elements meet 67 Degrees functionality. You’re invited to fall in love with each car through large images, plenty of room for a detailed description, clear itemisation of any optional extras, and, perhaps more impressively, an opportunity to book a test drive directly.

A big part of buying a car these days is car finance, which is something we were more than happy to help Carlingo integrate naturally into their website. The finance process is laid out and explained really clearly, and a finance calculator sits at the bottom of every vehicle details page to make the next step of car ownership easier for potential customers to consider.

Clean in design and clean in functionality, we absolutely love it and hope you do too! In fact, we’d challenge you to find a cleaner looking more structured website in the world of automotive – we think Carlingo just about pips others to the post where that’s concerned.

How did we do

Numbers of proven success

  • On average the website generates around 100 enquires a month

  • Organic search traffic grew a staggering 77% after 3 months of SEO

  • Top 10 ranking keywords grew from pages 20+ to postion 2-4

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